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  • Ann Johnson
    I m kind of at a crossroads regarding maintenance of the Arizona web site (http://azodes.org ). When it was first created back in 2002,
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2013
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      I'm kind of at a crossroads regarding maintenance of the Arizona web site
      (http://azodes.org <http://azodes.org/> ). When it was first created back
      in 2002, there wasn't much else out there. The intent was that the few
      people showing interest could help add data to what is known about the
      odonata of Arizona, but the site kind of floundered from benign neglect.
      Since that time there is now this group, Kathy's SW Odes website, Pierre's
      site, the growth of Odonata Central for county records (still incomplete),
      and probably some stuff I'm forgetting. Since this is all on my own dime,
      I've kind of vacillated between giving it a proper death and upgrading it to
      make it easier to maintain. Although I don't think the folks in this group
      really care a whole lot since everyone is in tune with other resources, the
      questions and feedback I get from the general public who are less likely to
      engage with a Yahoo group or Odonata Central convinced me to invest the time
      and money for one more year and see how it goes. I'm still very committed
      to the idea of having some semblance of documented information and use it to
      encourage people to have some kind of connection to the natural world.

      The upgrade was done last fall and I've spent the last few months trying to
      synchronize the data since no one was using the old site anymore (although
      there were some entries to provide backup for some county records and new
      dates). I used the Excel spreadsheet to update early and late dates. Some
      of these with no year designation incorrectly now use 2012 which can be
      corrected and of course there are no supporting details for any of them.
      Between Doug's photo file on this group and searching through Odonata
      Central I believe I got some detail on everything except for a record for
      Spot-tailed Dasher which the spreadsheet shows was recorded in AZ on
      11/1/2007. Anyone know anything about that one? Odonata Central had the
      record for Pacific Spiketail but no photo so if anyone has one.

      This whole process was incredibly time-consuming and frankly, with my
      responsibilities for Iowa data on both odes and birds, it's probably the
      last time I'll invest like this. I still haven't finished looking through
      Odonata Central species by species for new county records so if anyone knows
      of something that is missing please let me know. To remain useful to the
      growing number of people looking at these magnificent creatures, the site
      requires a couple of things.

      1) Simple data entry as people extend the flight season on one end or
      another, add a new county record (with encouragement to also add to OC), and
      the entry of new species.

      2) A volunteer or two willing to do a quick review of new records as they
      come in. This is a pretty painless process. You receive an e-mail when
      there is a new record. The details and photos are immediately available for
      review. If a record is acceptable, checkboxes automatically update the
      pertinent pieces such as county or a new seasonal date. It's not a tough
      task but I don't really feel competent to evaluate Arizona data.

      I'll see how this all plays out in the next year and make a final decision
      at that point. Perhaps the best solution is to just redirect folks to
      Kathy's site. I'm just not sure. Suggestions are welcome.

      Ann Johnson
      Norwalk, IA

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