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Dragonfly Blitz

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  • Kathy & Dave Biggs
    I m reserving a block of 5 rooms for the Blitz. Several folks have already made reservations there. Call in to make reservations (760) 326-4501- ask for
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 9, 2011
      I'm reserving a block of 5 rooms for the Blitz. Several folks have
      already made reservations there. Call in to make reservations (760)
      326-4501- ask for Nathan and discounted room thru Kathy Biggs/CalOdes

      Attendees so far include
      Kathy & Dave Biggs
      Bob Miller
      Ron Oriti
      Gary Suttle
      Chris Heaivilin
      Rick Schilk
      Matthew Matthiessen
      Tony Godfrey and wife

      Several folks have asked if we could have some meeting/programs in the
      evenings, so I'll bring not only my laptop but my digital computer too.
      Very loose plans are to spend
      *Friday* in the Needles area, looking for San Bernardino dragonflies.
      Perhaps a short 'program' that nite on southern dragonflies focusing on
      the 'target' species. We'd probably do this just in one of the motel rooms.
      *Saturday *we'll probably make a large loop thru AZ in the Lake Havasu
      area. Car pooling will really be encouraged this day. We'll have our
      minivan and can offer rides to 2-4 folks. That nite I'd like the
      photographers in the group to talk/show about dragonfly photography.
      Bring any images, etc. you'd like to show on a memory stick or CD/DVD.
      *Sunday *we'll probably split up into homeward bound groups; those
      heading North might want to get up into Clark County NV while those
      heading South might want to go thru AZ and then reenter CA in the
      Imperial Wetlands area. But none of this is set in stone yet.
      Suggestions are welcome!

      Those of us coming south may want to set up a rendezvous place. I know 4
      of us will be coming from the Bishop/Mammoth Lakes area. Black Rock
      Springs would be a potential meeting spot.

      More when we return from our off the grid home, around the 14th.
      Questions - call Kathy 530-598-7432.



      California Dragonflies www.sonic.net/dragonfly
      Southwest Dragonflies www.southwestdragonflies.net/
      Bigsnest Wildlife Pond www.bigsnestpond.net/
      Kathy and Dave Biggs bigsnest@... 707-823-2911
      308 Bloomfield Rd. Sebastopol, CA 95472
      dba Azalea Creek Publishing azalea@... fax:707-823-2911

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    • Kathy & Dave Biggs
      Just a little Head s up - Our Dragonfly Blitz this year will concentrate on the areas on either side of the Colorado River in the Yuma area (near
      Message 2 of 2 , Jun 28, 2013
        Just a little 'Head's up" - Our Dragonfly Blitz this year will
        concentrate on the areas on either side of the Colorado River in the
        Yuma area (near Mexico!!)....so both AZ and CA will be covered.
        This will take place the first weekend in October, Friday-Monday.
        Bob Miller is acting as Blitz coordinator, if you are interested contact
        him - Bob Miller <bob.miller@...>.
        Back in 2006 we also blitzed the CA side of the river in this area,
        getting several new county records, and two California State Records
        (one occurring the week after the blitz).
        Here's the story from 2006, just to give you an idea of the 'flavor'

        */_CalOdes / DSA Dragonfly Blitz II 2006 _/*

        _The Desert Experience (A New State Record)_

        By Douglas Aguillard

        In October of 2006, several members of CalOdes (California Odonates
        Yahoo Internet Group) decided to get together and search an under
        explored area of California for new records of Dragonflies and
        Damselflies. We searched Imperial County, which is located in the
        extreme Southeastern section of California. Our goals were:

        1.)Seek out new areas and records for California to further the
        knowledge base of California's Odonates.

        2.)Be able to socialize with our fellow Dragonfly enthusiasts, and just
        have fun.

        This 2^nd Annual CalOdes/DSA Blitz was held from October 7-8, 2006 in
        the extreme Southeasterly portion of the State, along the Colorado
        River. This time, we decided that instead of roughing it in the great
        (hot) deserts of California, that we would base ourselves in a motel in
        Yuma, AZ, which is just across the CA border.

        Left to Right- Paul Johnson, Rod Miller, Doug Aguillard, Ed Lam, Kathy &
        Dave Biggs, Bob Miller

        Attendees included original CalOdes Blitz I members, David & Kathy Biggs
        (Sonoma County), Ray Bruun (Shasta County), Doug Aguillard & Patricia
        Sherman (San Diego County), and newcomers, Paul Johnson (San Benito
        County), Bob Miller (Imperial County), Rod Miller (Arizona), and Ed Lam
        (New York).

        Ray Bruun and Dave Biggs

        Picking this area for our search was done as an educated guess. Several
        authorities including Sid Dunkle, Tim Manolis, and Kathy Biggs had been
        predicting that *Striped Saddlebags (**/Tramea calverti/**)* would show
        up in California for some time. After a discussion with Tim Manolis, it
        was decided to try for the Striped Saddlebags during early October, so
        as to decrease the temperature we'd be out in, and to increase our
        changes of a larger number of species in the area, besides matching the
        dates when the Striped Saddlebags had been seen near the CA border.

        Heading out into the desert

        On October 6^th , Ray Bruun and Paul Johnson stopped in Riverside and
        Imperial Counties near the Salton Sea, as did Kathy and David Biggs,
        both groups looked for Odes there. Seen en route to the Blitz:

        Common Green Darner (Anax junius), Blue-eyed Darner (Rhionaeschna
        multicolor), Western Pondhawk (Erythemis collocata), **Comanche Skimmer
        (Libellula comanche),* Flame Skimmer (Libellula saturata), *Roseate
        Skimmer (Orthemis ferruginea),* Blue Dasher (Pachydiplax longipennis),
        Variegated Meadowhawk (Sympetrum corruptum), *Red-tailed Pennant
        (Brachymesia furcata)*, Wandering Glider (Pantala flavescens),
        Spot-winged Glider (Pantala hymenaea), Black Saddlebags (Tramea
        lacerata), *Red Saddlebags (Tramea onusta)*, American Rubyspot
        (Hetaerina americana ), California Dancer (Argia agrioides), **Paiute
        Dancer (Argia alberta )*, *Powdered Dancer (Argia moesta), Blue-ringed
        Dancer (Argia sedula)*, Vivid Dancer (Argia vivida), Familiar Bluet
        (Enallagma civile), *Desert Forktail (Ischnura barberi)*, Black-fronted
        Forktail (Ischnura denticollis), *Rambur's Forktail (Ischnura
        ramburii)*. *= new late flight data for California. *Bold*=species
        seldom seen in northern CA or AZ

        Dave Biggs looking at a White-belted Ringtail by Paul Johnson

        Paul and Ray arrived early enough to scout the Imperial Dam area later
        on the 6^th . They found *Russet-tipped Clubtails (**/Stylurus
        plagiatus/**) *and were able to share their location with the rest of
        the group, which arrived that night and early the next morning.

        Bob Miller

        On October 7^th , we all met for breakfast at the local Denny's, and got
        on the road by 9:30 a.m. Our FRS radios were set to Channel 11, and the
        caravan rolled into California, and north along the Colorado River. The
        weather was pleasant with the temps in the 80's and a westerly breeze
        helped keep the heat down. Since Bob Miller was the most familiar with
        the area, he was designated as the leader. We headed for an area called
        Senator's Wash, which was next to Senator's Reservoir. Here we
        immediately started seeing Odes, and soon discovered 4-5 *Pale-faced
        Clubskimmers (**/Brechmorhoga mendax)/**,* a new Imperial County record.

        Kathy Biggs cooling off

        We continued to poke around different areas without seeing anything real
        exciting, until we came to the West Pond area, near the Imperial Dam on
        the Colorado River. It was here that things really started getting us
        excited. We found a road along the northern stretch of this rather large
        pond/lake, and we immediately found a female and then a male *Marl
        Pennant (**/Macrodiplax balteata/**)*, which is uncommon anywhere in
        California. This was a lifer for many in the group and photographs were
        taken and then a specimen was collected to upgrade Imperial County's
        record from a photo voucher to a specimen.

        Rod Miller

        When we walked up to an opening in the reeds that allowed us to see the
        pond, two red-colored saddlebags flew by the entire group in tandem, and
        Rod Miller thought they could possibly have been our quarry. Everyone
        spread out, and it was Bob Miller (no relation) that spotted a male
        Saddlebags far out on a reed along the shoreline. Ed Lam and Rod Miller
        both entered the pond in the hopes of netting this bug, but never could
        catch it. Eventually, we moved on to the south side of the pond, without
        being able to firmly say that we had found our new Saddlebags species.
        We spent the rest of the afternoon chasing after *Russet-tipped
        Clubtails (**/Stylurus plagiatus/**)*, another rarity in CA, along the
        east shore of West Pond.

        Ed Lam

        On Sunday the 8^th of October, we decided to hit the road earlier, and
        immediately headed back for West Pond to see if we could find those
        Saddlebags again. One half of the group stopped at a beaver pond along
        McKinney Road and found *Citrine Forktails (**/Ischnura hastata/**)*,
        while the rest did a fruitless search for the Saddlebags.

        By noon, the Blitz was coming to a close as people had to start heading
        home. The small group that remained decided to give it one more shot and
        went looking for Striped Saddlebags. When they reached the area from the
        day before, they did see a male Saddlebags. It was out on the reeds
        along the shoreline, but due to distance and lighting, they could not
        make out its identification. Bob Miller decided to digi-scope the
        /Tramea/ and hoped for the best.

        Ed Lam w/ a Russet-tipped Clubtail by Paul Johnson

        There was even a discussion of ways to "Mess with Doug" by really doing
        a bad job of "Photo-shopping in the stripes" and sending the images to
        me, and stating that I should have stayed 20 minutes longer.

        When Bob Miller got home and started to look at his images, it was then
        discovered that he had actually taken images of our NEW STATE RECORD,
        the *Striped Saddlebags /Tramea calverti/*!!!! Bob immediately put the
        word out to everyone on CalOdes, and on Friday the 13^th of October, I
        went back out to West Pond. Within a few minutes, I found a male and
        female Striped Saddlebags perched near each other on a tree branch in
        the original spot that they were seen back on the 7^th and 8^th . While
        attempting to get into a good photo shooting position, the male flew
        away, not to be seen again, but I was able to get good images of the
        female before she too departed.

        West Pond is located north of Winterhaven, CA, along the Colorado River in the Imperial Dam

        Recreation Area. The road to take to get there is Senator Wash Road, and the GPS coordinates

        are N 32.52.739 W 114.28.648

        The following week, CalOder David Blue, who was unable to make the blitz, went to see the Striped Saddlebags, and while looking around discovered a
        second State Record, perched near where we'd seen the Citrine Forktail the previous weekend. His addtion to the CA State List was the
        *Plateau Dragonlet**/Erythrodiplax basifusca/.*

        Species seen in the Imperial Dame area during the two day (October 7^th
        -8^th ) Blitz include:

        Common Green Darner (/Anax junius)/, Blue-eyed Darner (/Rhionaeschna multicolor/), **White-belted Ringtail (**/Erpetogomphus compositus/**)*,

        **Russet-tipped Clubtail (**/Stylurus plagiatus)/*, ***Pale-faced Clubskimmer (**/Brechmorhoga mendax)/**,* Western Pondhawk (/Erythemis collocata/),

        **Comanche Skimmer (**/Libellula comanche/**)*, Flame Skimmer (/Libellula saturata/), ** **Marl Pennant (**/Macrodiplax balteata)/*, Roseate Skimmer (/Orthemis ferruginea)/,

        Blue Dasher (/Pachydiplax longipennis),/Variegated Meadowhawk (/Sympetrum corruptum/),Red-tailed Pennant/(Brachymesia furcata)/,Wandering Glider (/Pantala flavescens/)

        Spot-winged Glider (/Pantala hymenaea/), Mexican Amberwing (/Perithemis intensa/),****Striped Saddlebags (**/Tramea calverti)/*,Black Saddlebags (/Tramea lacerata/),

        Red Saddlebags (/Tramea onusta/),American Rubyspot (/Hetaerina americana/),California Dancer (/Argia agrioides/),**Paiute Dancer** **(**/Argia alberta)/** *

        Powdered Dancer (/Argia moesta/), **Blue-ringed Dancer (**/Argia sedula/**)*,Vivid Dancer (/Argia vivida)/,Familiar Bluet (/Enallagma civile)/

        Desert Forktail (/Ischnura barberi),/Black-fronted Forktail (/Ischnura denticollis)/, Citrine Forktail (/Ischnura hastata),/

        Rambur's Forktail (/Ischnura ramburii)/

        *= new late flight data, ** = new county record

        ***= NEW STATE RECORD

        We hope the 2013 Blitz will be just as much fun, introducing folks to
        the southern species, each other and making new State records for both
        California and Arizona, we will be quite near the Mexican border.

        California Dragonflies www.sonic.net/dragonfly
        Southwest Dragonflies www.southwestdragonflies.net/
        Bigsnest Wildlife Pond www.bigsnestpond.net/
        Kathy and Dave Biggs bigsnest@... 707-823-2911
        308 Bloomfield Rd. Sebastopol, CA 95472

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