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Re: [CalOdes] Blue Dasher at Tahoe

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  • Kathy & Dave Biggs
    Will and all, This is all wonderful, and I d like to encourage Will to post these NV records to the SoWestOdes group too! Please record this Blue Dasher record
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 2011
      Will and all,

      This is all wonderful, and I'd like to encourage Will to post these NV
      records to the SoWestOdes group too!
      Please record this Blue Dasher record at Odonata Central (OC) where we
      record all new county, distribution and flight data records.
      I track flight data for NV and this is also just 2 days shy of the
      latest anyone has reported them in NV with the late date being 8/30/09
      recorded on a photo at OC.

      Indeed, you have recorded some new late flight dates for NV:
      Northern Spreadwing - old late date 7/23/01 on a photo at OC.
      Emerald Spreadwing - old late date 7/10/96 on a photo given me by Rosser
      This is a new date, for my records anyway, for Paddle-tailed Darner as I
      didn't have a date for the species for the state.

      And according to OC, it appears the Paddle-tailed and Common Green
      Darners are new records for Carson City County as is the Emerald
      Spreadwing. By any chance do you have a photo of either of them also?


      On 8/29/2011 5:38 PM, Will Richardson wrote:
      > Yesterday, after leading a wildflower et al. hike to Lower and Upper
      > Benwood Meadows (just south of Echo Summit), I stopped by Bliss Pond
      > to look for odes. Bliss Pond is a small, shallow pond visible along
      > Hwy 28, just upstream from the road along Bliss Creek. Note that this
      > is in Carson City County in Nevada, but it's only a few miles from CA
      > as the dasher flies. Anyway, this pond was bone dry last year (or
      > maybe it was two years ago), but it's VERY full this year, so I was
      > curious to poke around and see who had colonized and/or resurfaced. I
      > noticed Western Forktails, Northern and Emerald Spreadwings, bluets,
      > Paddle-tailed Darners, Green Darners, and probably a few other things
      > flitting about. But what caught and held my attention were all the
      > male Blue Dashers. This is a species I hadn't expected to find at
      > Tahoe, so I spent most of my time trying to get a decent photo of
      > these surprisingly small dragonflies (battling low-angle light,
      > drooping wings, and deep water, I had only limited success). Anyway,
      > even though it's not California, I thought you all might be
      > interested, both for its immediate adjacency, as well as being at
      > 6880' elevation. There's a photo here:
      > http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150274587695028
      > I anybody knows of prior records for Tahoe, please let me know. Thanks!
      > Also, I might mention that I found several Band-winged Meadowhawks at
      > Lower Benwood Meadows, earlier in the day. I haven't seen any prior
      > Tahoe-area records on this list before (but I'm sure there are plenty
      > of prior records among you). I've posted a photo of a pair in wheel
      > here: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150274692185028&set=a.10150274652630028.335626.173935990027
      > Will
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