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Re: [CalOdes] San Bernardino County

Oh, woke up and remembered that we do have an Archilestes in San Bernardino. Juddy Cannello found one about 2-3 yrs ago, and then found several in her
Kathy & Dave Biggs
Aug 26

Re: [CalOdes] San Bernardino County

Dave and I saw it separately!! And I was surprised, but there are spreadwings in San Diego Co! It had a long thin abdomen and held it's wings Delta Spread!! Oh
Kathy & Dave Biggs
Aug 25

Re: [CalOdes] San Bernardino County

I just read KathyÆs account here. Kathy, you know that there arenÆt supposed to be any spreadwings in southeastern California, donÆt you? Dennis Paulson
Dennis Paulson
Aug 25

San Bernardino County

We spent about 15 mins in the 113F heat at Jack Smith Park in Needles, hoping to find a 12-spotted Skimmer (we only have a sight record for the county). We
Kathy & Dave Biggs
Aug 24

08/23/155 AZ: Spur Cross Conservation Area, Maricopa County 23 speci

Happy Sunday Odesters, I met up with Dave Welling and Ron Oriti at Spur Cross Conservation Area at 1100am. The weather was about 98F and clear skies. The
Justin Jones
Aug 23

08/22/15 AZ: Rio Salado Restoration Habitat, Maricopa County 25 spec

Happy Saturday from the PHX, Arrived at Rio Salado at 630am and stayed till 1100am, it was humid as heck at about 96f and no wind. My goal for the day was to
Justin Jones
Aug 22

Re: new SW records

For many species in most NM counties, there are at best only 1 or 2 OC records with good locality data. Our counties are few and most are big so county records
Jim Stuart
Aug 19

Re: new SW records

Yes, we'll be encouraging everyone on the Blitz to at least submit any new county records - would you encourage folks to submit more? I know CA is so big, so
Kathy & Dave Biggs
Aug 18

Re: new SW records

Hi Kathy: For my own use I've been tracking the new county and flight season records for New Mexico. I'll provide that summary to SW Odes at the end of the
Jim Stuart
Aug 18

new SW records

* A lot of new county records are being made in the SW: I've had to update the errata site for my new guide, *Dragonflies of the Greater Southwest. *They can
Kathy & Dave Biggs
Aug 18

Re: 08/16 AZ: Gilbert Water Ranch, Maricopa County Erythemis vesicul

Blitzers!! If your route to or from the Blitz takes you across AZ, this might be a good stop! http://azdragonfly.org/locations/gilbert-water-ranch See the list
Kathy & Dave Biggs
Aug 18

08/16 AZ: Gilbert Water Ranch, Maricopa County Erythemis vesiculosa

Hi Odesters, I spent Sunday with Janet Witzeman and Laurie Nessel looking at odes. We started about 7am-1045am. It got hot quite fast but we were rewarded with
Justin Jones
Aug 18

08/09/15: Papago Park, Maricopa County AZ Straw-colored Sylph

Happy Summer Odesters, Spent the late morning 11am - 1245pm with the family looking for odes. Clear skies and 100f were the conditions. Ran into Pete Moulton
Justin Jones
Aug 9


this sentence from 7/26 should read "Headed over the pass from Cave Creek towards Willcox. Stopped once about a mile above the SWRS where I had had good Argia
Troy Hibbitts
Aug 3

SE AZ trip 7/25-7/31

My wife and I travelled through SE AZ this past week, and had decent success finding most of the "specialty" Argia that occur in SE AZ, along with Malachite,
Aug 2
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