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905Patagonia Lake State Park, Santa Cruz County,AZ

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  • douglas danforth
    Aug 19, 2010
      Richard Bailowitz, Sandy Upson and I checked out Patagonia Lake yesterday
      including Sonoita Creek above and below the lake. The 39 speciesturned out to be
      the highest number odonates in one day and at one locality for each of us! Not
      one of the species merited a wow but we did add one damselfly to the odonate
      list for the park.

      c=10 or more and a= more than a hundred

      Hetaerina americana-c
      Archilestes grandis-6
      Argia extranea-c
      A. fumipennis-4
      A. nahuana-c
      A. pallens-1
      A. plana-6
      A. sedula-a
      A. translata-c
      Enallagma basidens-1
      E. civile-c
      E. praevarum-4
      Hesperagrion heterodoxum-6
      Ischnura cervula-a
      I. demorsa-c
      I. denticollis-2 (new for the park)
      Telebasis salva-c

      Anax junius-c
      Rhinoaeschna multicolor-c
      Remartinia luteipennis-2
      Erpetogomphus lampropeltis natriz-c
      Progomphus borealis-c
      Brechmorhoga mendax-c
      Erythemis collocata-2
      Erythrodiplax basifusca-1
      Libellula croceipennis-8
      L. saturata-c
      Orthemis ferruginea-2
      Pachidiplax longipennis-a
      Pantala hymenaea-4
      P. flavescens-2
      Perithemis domitia-2
      P. intensa-c
      Plathemis lydia-6
      Psuedoleon superbus-1
      Sypetrum corruptum-c
      Tramea lacerata-7
      T. onusta-c

      Doug Danforth

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