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826New Mexico county Ode distribution noted since July 15th

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  • Robert Larsen
    Sep 4, 2009

      Some of these are duplicates, or already on the working
      list for New Mexico from older records that were not
      posted on Odonata Central. An example is the Blue-ringed
      Dancer posted as a new reocrd on OC this past month, but
      found earlier by Dr. Dunkle for Valencia County in 2001.
      Most of the data is posted on Odonata Central

      Red Rock Skimmer - Dona Ana Co.
      Sooty Dancer - Dona Ana Co. 
      Flame Skimmer – Bernalillo Co.
      Eastern Pondhawk – Socorro Co.
      Bleached Skimmer – Lincolin Co.
      Common Whitetail - Mora Co.
      Western Pondhawk – Bernalillo Co.
      Mexican Forktail – Taos Co.
      Plains Clubtail – Sandoval Co.
      Plains Clubtail – Socorro Co. (August 14th) New Flight Season Date
      American Rubyspot – Santa Fe Co.
      Blue-eyed Darner – Bernalillo Co.
      Common Whitetail – Bernalillo Co. (May 25th) New Flight Season Date
      Plateau Spreadwing – Socorro Co.
      American Rubyspot – Socorro Co.
      Blue-fronted Dancer – Socorro Co.
      American Rubyspot – Bernalillo Co.
      Four-spotted Skimmer – Rio Arriba Co.
      Spotted Spreadwing – Santa Fe Co.
      Striped Meadowhawk – Santa Fe Co.
      Tule Bluet – Santa Fe Co.
      Pacific Spiketail – (June 27th) Sandoval Co. Flight Season Date
      Spotted Spreadwing – Catron Co.
      Northern Spreadwing – Catron Co.
      Arroyo Bluet – Valencia Co.
      Familiar Bluet – Grant Co.
      Blue-fronted Dancer – Vlaencia Co.
      Blue-ringed Dancer – Grant Co.
      Paddletailed Darner – Sandoval Co.
      Gray Sanddragon – Catron Co.
      Common Whitetail – Valencia Co.
      Common Whitetail – Catron Co.
      Four-spotted Skimmer - Sandoval Co.
      Band-winged Meadowhawk – Catron Co.
      Red Rock Skimmer – Catron Co.
      White-belted Ringtial – Los Alamos Co.
      Widow Skimmer – Torrance Co.
      Painted Damsel – Eddy Co.
      Painted Damsel – Socorro Co.
      Gray-waisted Skimmer – Eddy Co.
      Boreal Whiteface – Rio Arriba Co.
      Boreal Whiteface – Rio Arriba Co. (July 8th) Flight Season Date
      Red Saddlebags – Socorro Co.
      Lestes Alacer – Santa Fe Co.
      Sooty Dancer – Taos Co.
      Belted Whiteface – Rio Arriba Co.
      Common Whitetail – Taos Co.
      Eight-spotted Skimmer – Taos Co.
      River Bluet – Taos Co.
      American Rubyspot – Taos Co.
      Widow Skimmer – Santa Fe Co.
      Black Saddlebags – Torrance Co.
      Familiar Bluet – Torrance Co.
      Black Saddlebags – Valencia Co.
      Twelve-spotted Skimmer - Valencia Co.
      Striped Meadowhawk – Valencia Co.
      Arroyo Bluet – Torrance Co.
      Black Meadowhawk – Rio Arriba Co.
      Black Meadowhawk – Rio Arriba Co. (August 11th) New Flight Season date
      Great Spreadwing – Santa Fe Co.
      Cherry-faced Meadowhawk – Rio Arriba Co. (August 11th ) New Flight Season date
      Arroyo Bluet – Torrance Co.
      Blue Dasher – Valencia Co.
      Western Pondhawk – Valencia Co.
      Pacific Forktail – Valencia Co.
      Plateau Spreadwing – Valencia Co.
      Eastern Amberwing – Valencia Co.
      Twelve-spotted Skimmer – Valencia Co.
      Widow Skimmer – Valencia Co.
      Striped Meadowhawk – Torrance Co.
      Plains Forktail – Torrance Co.
      Springwater Dancer – Torrance Co.
      Flame Skimmer -Torrance Co.
      Blue-eyed Darner – Torrance Co.
      Pacific Forktail – Mora Co.
      Violet Dancer – Mora Co.
      American Rubyspot – Mora Co.
      Flame Skimmer – Mora Co.
      Plateau Spreadwing – Mora Co.
      Mexican Forktail – Eddy Co.
      Pale-faced Clubskimmer – Grant Co.
      American Rubyspot – Valencia Co.
      Blue Dasher – Valencia Co.
      Hoary Skimmer – Catron Co.
      Blue-ringed Dancer – Valencia Co.
      Powdered Danceer – Valencia Co.
      Wandering Glider – Sandoval Co.
      Spotwinged Glider – Sandoval Co
      Wandering Glider – Catron Co.
      Common Green Darner – Valencia Co.
      Black Saddlebags – Taos Co.
      Spotwinged Glider – Catron Co.
      Citrine Forktail – Eddy Co.
      Plateau Spreadwing – Santa Fe Co.
      Black Saddlebags – Bernalillo Co.
      Shadow Darner – Sandoval Co.
      Hoary Skimmer – Santa Fe Co.

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