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740Kearny L., Kearny, AZ - 11/01/08

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  • pierredeviche
    Nov 2, 2008
      11/01/08, noon – 2:15 PM:

      Kearny Lake, Kearny, AZ

      Sunny, light breeze, 90 F

      13 species seen:

      Flame Skimmer: Widespread; ovipositing

      Red-tailed Pennant: ~5

      Variegated Meadowhawk: Widespread; pairs in tandem/wheel; ovipositing

      Filigree Skimmer: 2

      Mexican Amberwing: Widespread

      Blue Dasher: 1 M

      Plateau Dragonlet: 1 M

      Blue-eyed Darner: Few

      Common Green Darner: Few; pair in tandem

      Familiar Bluet: Widespread

      Desert Firetail: Widespread

      Rambur's Forktail: 5-10

      American Rubyspot: ~5

      Pierre Deviche, Phoenix, AZ.

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