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655Boyce Thompson Arboretum - central AZ

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  • chris kline
    Jun 10, 2008
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      Greetings all,
      Had our dragonfly walk last Saturday.  I was actually rather pleased.  I was quite concerned after my Weds. recon mission turned up only five species and about 10 individuals!  Had 17 human individuals, inc. four youngsters, turn-out for Saturday.
      Here is Saturday's list, all at Ayer Lake except the firetails, which were at our mini-oasis in the demonstration garden, and the springwater which was at the little pretend creek in the demo garden.
      Flame Skimmer
      Blue Dasher
      Mexican Amberwing
      Red Saddlebag
      Bue-eyed Darner
      Amethyst Dancer
      Springwater Dancer
      Arroyo Bluet
      Mexican Forktail - female.  Had a male forktail in hand as well but I am now not confident what it was.  The shoulder stripe was very thin, about the same color as the rest of the thorax (sort of turquoise color).
      Desert Firetail
      All in all, a good outing.
      Who knew simply being content was the dream come true! - John Reuben
      Chris Kline
      Education Director
      Boyce Thompson Arboretum
      37615 U.S. Highway 60
      Superior, Arizona 85273
      (520) 689-2723
      work schedule: T-Sa 7am - 4pm

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