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583Boyce Thompson Arboretum - central AZ

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  • chris kline
    Oct 6, 2007
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      Had our final dragonfly walk of the season this morning. Initially it appeared it was going to be a total bust! At the start of the walk it was 60 degrees and cloudy. The first half of the walk netted us 2 Common Green Darners. Period.

      However, by the time we got to the lake, the sun had come out and the temp was up to about 70 and the odes were a flyin'! So the list below reflects what we saw after 11am from the lake down the main trail to the demonstration garden.

      Flame Skimmer - a few
      Neon Skimmer - one in the butterfly garden
      Blue Dasher - a few at the lake
      Red Rock-skimmer - one in the rocks above Queen Creek
      Roseate Skimmer - a few at the lake
      Mexican Amberwing - a few at the lake, one in the Demonstration Gdn.
      Spot-winged Glider - one patroling the Demonstration Gdn
      Variegated Meadowhawk - a bunch everywhere! The most common ode on the walk.
      Blue-eyed Darner - several at the lake
      Common Green Darner - several at lake and two in Queen Creek
      Familiar Bluet - one at lake

      Also had a mystery forktail at the lake. I didn't have my camera but several walk participants did so I'm hoping someone will send me a pic. Am leaning towards a Black-fronted Forktail. Didn't look right for Rambur's or Desert.


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