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500Boyce Thompson Arboretum - central AZ

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  • chris kline
    Jul 1, 2007

      Had a special Sunday Odonate walk today. People-wise had a relatively low turn-out of nine, but that could be because we usually do them on Saturdays, the fact that its a bazillion degrees out here, or that we had a bird walk about two hours before. But anyways, had a good time od'ing.

      Species list:
      Flame Skimmer - one
      Blue Dasher - many
      Roseate Skimmer - three
      Mexican Amberwing - many, many (on one patch of bulrushes I counted 16!)
      Wandering Glider - many (probably double as many as I saw yesterday at our lake)
      Red Saddlebags - one (new to the BTA checklist, although quite common at Kearny Lake 20 miles south)
      Blue-eyed Darner
      Common Green Darner - many
      Rambur's Forktail - three
      Desert Firetail - three (but I suspect more were tucked in the bushes unseen)

      Since Queen Creek is completely dried up, I didn't even try going there. Hence the reason for so few damsels.

      Another Ode walk this Saturday (July 7) at 9:30 AM. And then Kathy Biggs will be leading the walk on Aug 4. I'm hoping for some good early monsoon rains to get the creek running by August.


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