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481Boyce Thompson Arbroetum - central AZ

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  • chris kline
    Jun 2, 2007
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      Had a much better turnout of bugs this month than last month. 28 human participants, which is a good turnout as well. This list includes the demonstration mini-oasis pool, legume garden pool, Ayer Lake, and then Pete Moulton, Roger Racud, and I snuck back to a secret spot along Queen Creek afterwards!

      Flame Skimmer
      Blue Dasher
      Roseate Skimmer
      Filigree Skimmer
      Mexican Amberwing - several!
      Variable Dancer *
      Springwater Dancer
      Mexican Forktail **
      Arroyo Bluet
      Rambur's Forktail
      Desert Firetail

      The Western Pondhawk I had seen on Weds last week was a no show. :(
      * new to our checklist
      ** will be new to our checklist after confirmation (sent Rich Bailowitz a couple pics)


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