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  • Kathy &/or Dave Biggs
    May 2, 2007
      Hi all,

      With the bit of rain, at least here in the middle of CA, maybe you too
      will need the Internet to see any dragons today!
      If so, or even if not so, you might like this visual treat - it's brand
      The scans are by Greg Kareofelas, with the design by Fran Keller of the
      Bohart Insect Museum at UCDavis.
      Greg often sends his sightings in to the Sightings site, and is a
      scientist who studies dragonflies, beside being someone who just loves
      them, like we all do!
      Because this is a 'must see' - and only became available today, go to

      I guess it's spring, and dragonflies are popping out all over, both in
      life and as objects.
      I've had 7 species here at our pond in Sebastopol. But, I'd really like
      you all to see Tim and my Dragonfly coloring book. It's for all of North
      It is currently at the printers, but we're taking preorders, and the CD
      version is now available.
      Because we really need to make back our printing $$, please think about
      who you might like to send this to!
      See the book and CD at http://southwestdragonflies.net/ColoringBook/ and
      don't miss looking at the linked colored images.
      The coloring book is also a great meditation and a fun way to learn the
      dragonflies for we 'older children'!!

      PS. 41 of the 58 species known to fly in CA in April were reported this

      California Dragonflies http://www.sonic.net/dragonfly
      Southwest Dragonflies http://southwestdragonflies.net/
      Bigsnest Wildlife Pond http://www.bigsnestpond.net/