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140630 species day in Santa Cruz County, AZ including CERULEAN DANCER!!!!

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  • douglas danforth
    Oct 20, 2013
      The dispersal north of Cerulean Dancer (Argia anceps) continues with the fourth sighting this year in Arizona. Rich Bailowtz and I found one male on Sonoita Creek below the dam at Patagonia Lake. There has been a fifth sighting just six miles southwest of the border in a canyon very close to Arizona's Sycamore Canyon where Pierre Deviche photographed them last year. No females have been seen as yet. Are they dispersing as well? We also were able to confirm Arroyo Darner for Santa Cruz County after an absence of records for about thirty years with photos of a female ovipositing and a pair captured and released after identification.

      Parker Canyon Schoolhouse-20 species
      Great Spreadwing-7                  Arroyo Darner-3
      American Rubyspot-100's         Flame Skimmer-16
      Black and White Damsel-14      Roseate Skimmer-2
      Spine-tipped Dancer-60!            Mexican Amberwing-3
      Aztec Dancer-40                        Common Whitetail-1
      Lavender Dancer-3                    Filigree Skimmer-1   
      Springwater Dancer-20              Spot-wingedGlider-1
      Arroyo Bluet-12                          Variegated Meadowhawk-1
      Painted Damsel-40!
      Mexican Forktail-40!
      Desert Firetail-20

      Sonoita Creek below Patagonia Lake-23 species

      California Spreadwing-5              Blue-eyed Darner-4
      Great Spreadwing-5                    Western Pondhawk-2
      American Rubyspot-100's           Plateau Dragonlet-10
      CERULEAN DANCER-1             Widow Skimmer-8
      Spine-tipped Dancer-30              Flame Skimmer-6
      Aztec Dancer-30                         Roseate Skimmer-4
      Springwater Dancer-20               Mexican Amberwing-40!
      Fiery-eyed Dancer-4                   Blue Dasher-6
      Dusky Dancer-6                          Variegated Meadowhawk-15
      Familiar Bluet-7
      Arroyo Bluet-30
      Painted Damsel-30
      Mexican Forktail-20
      Desert Firetail-15

      Doug Danforth