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1396New Odonate County and Flight Date Records for New Mexico -- 2013 Season

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  • Jim Stuart
    Sep 29 11:12 AM
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      Hi all -- The season's about over and just FYI here is the tally so far of new county and state records and new early or late flight-season dates for New Mexico during 2013. If you have any NM photo/specimen records not yet submitted to OdonataCentral for this year (or previous years), I encourage you to send them in. Also, let me know if you see errors or omissions. (Kathy B., this is partly for your update of the range maps on your website)

      New Odonate County and Flight Date Records for New Mexico -- 2013 Season
      Revised: 26 Sep 2013
      All submitted and confirmed on OdonataCentral

      Argia hinei -- Lincoln
      Argia oenea -- early date 15 June
      Argia tezpi -- Otero; late date 13 July
      Enallagma basidens -- Bernalillo
      Enallagma carunculatum -- Curry, Rio Arriba
      Enallagma praevarum -- Los Alamos
      Ischnura demorsa -- Curry
      Lestes australis -- Curry, Lincoln
      Telebasis salva -- Curry

      Aeshna interrupta -- late date 5 Sep
      Aeshna palmata -- Colfax, Mora, Santa Fe
      Aeshna umbrosa -- Santa Fe
      Brechmorhoga mendax -- Sandoval
      Erpetogomphus heterodon -- early date 13 July
      Gomphus lynnae - new state record; Grant Co, 19 May
      Progomphus borealis -- Sierra
      Celithemis eponina -- Sierra
      Dythemis fugax -- Roosevelt
      Leucorrhinia borealis -- late date 24 July
      Libellula luctuosa -- Lea, Rio Arriba
      Libellula pulchella -- Curry
      Pantala hymenaea -- Bernalillo
      Plathemis lydia -- Lea
      Pseudoleon superbus -- Lincoln
      Tramea onusta -- Curry

      [ Lestes unguiculatus -- Unconfirmed records for Chaves Co, 29 Jul and 5 Aug; not yet verified in NM ]

      James N. Stuart
      Albuquerque, NM
      jnstuart61 AT yahoo.com