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137SEAZ damselfies

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  • Randy Emmitt
    Sep 6, 2004

      Hi, I'm new to this group although many of you might already know me from
      the butterfly/odes lists or my huge web site www.rlephoto.com. I have seen
      some of the previous posts and most were names of people I'd communicated
      with at one time or another. Maybe someday I'll move to Arizona as here in
      Durham, NC I've all but run out of butterflies, damselflies and dragonflies
      to photograph.

      During the last week of August I visited SEAZ and took quite a few
      damselfly photos see http://www.rlephoto.com/odes/damsels/index.htm#western
      I'm not 100% sure all of my IDs are correct, any suggestions for mistaken
      IDs are much appreciated? It seems that my Kathy Biggs book doesn't cover
      many of the dancers in SEAZ although it was helpful for Great Spreadwing
      (noting the size) and Canyon Rubyspot. Searching the web for western
      damselflies wasn't entirely helpful as most of the photos were too small,
      unclear and poorly lit. Arizona Odes (http://www.azodes.com/main/)was well
      laid out, but the images were too tiny to work with in most cases. I have a
      lot of photos of male dancers and what looks like male Familar Bluets yet
      to sort out.

      As to dragonflies I did get photos of Apache Spiketail(YES), what I think
      is a Riffle Darner(hidden in the shade of a cedar tree in the meadow at the
      base of Ramsey's canyon) and Variable Meadowhawks. All of these are still
      on the waiting list to get posted when I get time.

      Also I took many photographs of butterflies and herps see

      Randy Emmitt
      Rougemount, NC

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