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128911/03: Maricopa Co., AZ, rarities: SOOTY SADDLEBAGS, TEZPI DANCERS

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  • pierredeviche
    Nov 4, 2012
      After observing several male STRIPED SADDLEBAGS (see Striped Saddlebags
      <http://azdragonfly.net/species/striped-saddlebags> for pictures) at
      Papago Park in Phoenix, Maricopa Co., on 31 Oct. I drove back there
      yesterday (3 Nov.) with the intent to photograph some individuals. A
      number of Striped Saddlebags continued and provided excellent photo
      opportunities. The star of the show, however, was a sub-adult male SOOTY
      SADDLEBAGS, a tropical species recorded only twice previously in the US.
      The identity of this individual was confirmed by Doug Danforth, Richard
      Bailowitz, and Dennis Paulson. See: Sooty Saddlebags
      <http://azdragonfly.net/species/sooty-saddlebags> for pictures.

      I returned to the park today (4 Nov.) but could unfortunately not
      relocate this individual.

      Yesterday afternoon my wife Dany and I stopped at the Wild Horse Pass
      stream, Maricopa Co., to check whether the male TEZPI DANCER seen at
      that location on 24 Oct. was still around. Not only did we find a male
      (pres. same as 10/24) at the exact same location as where originally
      observed, but a second male was present approx.200 ft upstream of the
      first one! See: Tezpi Dancers <http://azdragonfly.net/news/340> for

      Information on locations:

      Papago Park, see Papago Park

      Wild Horse Pass, see Wild Horse Pass

      Pierre Deviche, Phoenix, AZ.

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