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1Welcome to SoWestOde

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  • aguillard2469
    Oct 1, 2003
      I wanted to wait for a few days, before I sent a message to the
      group, so that we would have some people on the list.

      Again Welcome and thank you for joining. It would be nice if
      everyone would give us a short introduction of yourself, and start
      sending messages of your sightings out in the field or any other
      discussion that's appropriate for the group.

      I live in San Diego, CA., but I have a great interest in the
      Southwestern section of the Country. I'm into birds, butterflies,
      and dragonflies. I own other list including CalBirds, SDBirds,
      SoWestLep, and CalOdes. I'm into Butterfly and Dragonfly photography
      and my web site is http://sdbirds.basiclink.com

      CalOdes has really taken off, and it has been amazing with the
      amount of information going back and forth, and sightings reports
      have increased significantly. I hope the same happens here.

      Again, thank you for joining and start posting away. Attachments are
      not permitted on the list, but you can post any photos in the photo
      section, and files in the file section. You must have a Yahoo ID to
      access the website fully.

      Douglas Aguillard
      San Diego, CA
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