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Errata/Updates for my new Greater Southwest Dragonflies guide

With all the new records for Red Saddlebags, plus other dragonflies, I have already had to add an Errata/Updates link to my new Greater Southwest guide's site.
Kathy & Dave Biggs
Jul 24

making lemonade in Cochise County, AZ

When a trip gives you lemons what do you do? Yesterday 7/16 Rich Bailowitz and I traveled to Buehman Canon in eastern Pima County. Our last  in May had
douglas danforth
Jul 17

07/14 AZ: Papago Park, Maricopa County - 25 species

Greetings odesters, Spent sometime in the cold climate of Papago Park from 10am-12pm with a temp of 102f. Highlights included Striped Saddlebags, Tramea
Justin Jones
Jul 14

San Bernardino NWR, Cochise County, AZ

Rich Bailowitz and I went to the San Bernardino National Wildlife Refuge today. We found 37 species with two being new to the refuge and one rediscovered after
douglas danforth
Jul 10

DSA's Argia issue with CA and AZ Ode news.

http://www.odonatacentral.org/index.php/IssueAction.getFile/issue_id/536/volume_id/190/disposition/inline#page=19 The times they are a-changing !! Kathy -- SW
Kathy & Dave Biggs
Jul 7

exciting news from San Manuel Pond, Pinal County, AZ

Rich Bailowitz called this afternoon to report he had 18 Narrow-striped Forceptail (Aphylla protracta) from the San Manuel Pond (private property-permit
douglas danforth
Jul 7

07/05-5/15: Eastern Arizona: DESERT SHADOWDAMSELS, etc.

My wife and I visited a couple of locations in Eastern Arizona this past weekend: - 07/04: Roper Lake SP and Dankworth Pond SP in Graham County; -
Jul 6

Re: California Gulch, Santa Cruz County, AZ

To me it's just amazing that certain species from the south have increased so dramatically in southeastern Arizona. Were the substantial spring rains the cause
Jul 4

California Gulch, Santa Cruz County, AZ

I went to California Gulch yesterday with Tom Deecken and Jack Whetstone. Even though SE AZ had good spring rains and an early start to the monsoon season the
douglas danforth
Jul 4

Leslie Canyon NWR, Cochise County, AZ

I went into Leslie Canyon this morning. It was just beautiful! It is was so nice to see the water back in there. The stream is heavily shaded for most of its
douglas danforth
Jul 2

06/26-06/28 - AZ: White Mountains, Apache County

Hi All, Spent an enjoyable weekend searching for odes at a higher elevation. The diversity of species is quite a bit lower than what I'm used to in central
Justin Jones
Jun 29

San Pedro River at Hereford, Cochise County, AZ

Yesterday June 25th, I took a wade up and down the San Pedro River at the Hereford Bridge SE of Sierra Vista. The first monsoon rains had hit the evening
douglas danforth
Jun 26

Re: Masked Clubskimmer(Brechmorhoga pertinax) all over the Chiricahu

This is really interesting Doug. I wish I had time to get down to Clanton Canyon in the Peloncillos and maybe some other SW NM canyons that might have flowing
Jim Stuart
Jun 23

Masked Clubskimmer(Brechmorhoga pertinax) all over the Chiricahua Mt

Rich Bailowitz, Sandy Upson and I checked out the two major streams on the west side of the Chiricahua Mts to see if Masked Clubskimmer(Brechmorhoga pertinax)
douglas danforth
Jun 23

Summer Solstice

Dragonflies, "Messengers of Summer and Heralds of the Sun" - Celebrating by offering to inscribe all pre-orders!! Happy Summer!! Happy Father's Day!!
Kathy & Dave Biggs
Jun 21
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