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RFI on odonate records

Hi SW Odonatists: Happy Thanksgiving. I'm writing to request that anyone who has obtained important specimen or photo records from New Mexico this past season,
Jim Stuart
Nov 26

Belated report 10/03/15 - Harkness' Dancer (Argia harknessi), Pinal

Greetings Odesters, Back on 10/03/15 I observed an Argia off a side channel of the Gila River near Kelvin Bridge. Quite a bit of research was spent in trying
Justin Jones
Nov 25

11/22/15 AZ: Rio Salado, Spine-tipped Dancer (Argia extranea)

Greetings Odesters, I spent 3 hours searching Rio Salado Habitat. The highlight of the day was a Spine-tipped Dancer (Argia extranea) which proved to be a
Justin Jones
Nov 22

11/21/15 AZ: Rio Salado, Maricopa County 4 Turquoise-tipped Darner (

Spent 2.5 hours searching the river bottom for odes this fine day. Highlight for the day was continuing Turquoise-tipped Darner. Ended up with 14 species :-)
Justin Jones
Nov 21

11/08/15 AZ: Rio Salado Restoration Habitat, Maricopa County - 2 Pin

Greetings Odesters Jeanise Smith, kids and I spent the afternoon looking at odes. Two surprises awaited us at the lowest pond near central avenue. 2
Justin Jones
Nov 8

11/01/15 AZ: Tres Rios Wetlands, Maricopa County

Spent the day scouring local wetlands and encountered 17 species. The best observation is still the thriving Kiowa Dancer (Argia immunda) population. American
Justin Jones
Nov 2

Re: 10/31/15 AZ: California Gulch, Santa Cruz County

Correction 22 species and one typo Desert Firetail, Telebasis salva Mexican Forktail, Ischnura demorsa Justin Jones Phoenix AZ Sent from my iPhone
Justin Jones
Nov 2

10/31/15 AZ: California Gulch, Santa Cruz County

Marceline VandeWater and I spent Halloween day looking for odes that Doug Danforth reported on 10/27. We turned up 21 species for the day. The highlight was 1
Justin Jones
Nov 2

Re: California Gulch, Santa Cruz County, AZ

Doug, I wouldnÆt be surprised if odonates did what you speculated about the Ceruleans. Arizona just keeps on giving! Dennis ... Doug, I wouldnÆt be surprised
Dennis Paulson
Oct 28

California Gulch, Santa Cruz County, AZ

Yesterdat, October 27th, Rich Bailowitz, Jack Whetstone, Tom Deecken and I headed into California Gulch. Among the 30 species encountered were a late date
douglas danforth
Oct 28

New SW Dancer

A new Dancer species has been added to the SW: Comanche Dancer (Argia barretti). I've added it to the SW Odes website at
Kathy & Dave Biggs
Oct 22

Pacific VS Plains Forktails

Dennis Paulson posted this to the Western Odonata Facebook Page....I share it here with you in case you aren't on the Facebook group....there were images to
Kathy & Dave Biggs
Oct 21

10/15/15 AZ: Papago Park, Maricopa County 2 Straw-colored Sylph

Happy Fall Odesters, I spent the 2 hours wandering the ponds for odes. The best odes of the day were 2 Straw-colored Sylphs, Macrothemis inacuta and 1 Striped
Justin Jones
Oct 15

Sabino Creek behind Wes Miller Park, Pima Co., Arizona

Saturday, September 10 I spent 3 hours today, 10:00>noon and 2:00pm > 3:00pm on Sabino Creek behind Wes Miller Park and had 16 species, WHITE-TAILED SYLPH NOT
Oct 10

Re: upper Aravaipa Canyon, Pinal County, AZ

ThatÆs right, Mike picked up on that name, and hopefully the Committee will ôofficializeö it very shortly. Dennis ... Dennis Paulson 1724 NE 98 St. Seattle,
Dennis Paulson
Oct 2
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