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Boisduval's Yellow

Today in Montosa Canyon Brian McKnight and I saw 2 Boisduval's Yellows. The first one was pretty far gone, with a shredded hind-wing. It kept falling over on
Diane Touret
Apr 9

butterflies and glaciers

Patrick, I think you read my comments with some very oddly colored glasses, or else you read the English language very differently than I do ---- Norbert
Norbert Kondla
Apr 6

Euphydryas Chalcedona in March?

Hi Lynn, That was great group that day. I missed that scriptura. My eyes must have been looking at birds instead. I still have never seen the Small
Pete Spino
Mar 14

Desert Orange-tips-Los Angeles County

Jim: Thanks for your input on morrisoni and yes, several of my females have a faint suggestion of yellow. I pulled off 18 of my cethura from the Littlerock,
Kenneth Davenport
Mar 9

Argus Mountains, Homewood Canyon

Hi Ken, Not ALL of the Mojave Desert. I've been checking out the extreme NE corner and the situation is not good. Winter precip can be uniform; but, it
Todd Stout
Feb 27

Anza Borrego DSP February 19-20

Oops, forgot to mention that Imperial Tiny Checkerspot (Dymasia dymas imperialis) was pretty common too. Koji ... Oops, forgot to mention that Imperial Tiny
Kojiro Shiraiwa
Feb 22
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