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Re: Thank you

Hi Sharon, We haven't set up a group to meet yet for Art Quilting. I am more into the crazy quilting end. I have gotten most of my supplies from garage
Becky Gockel
Sep 26, 2010

Re: Thank you

Hi, Becky: I also live in Palmdale! Where do you get your supplies? Is there a group that meets to stitch? Sharon
Sharon QuickStitcher
Sep 26, 2010


WOW!! I really didn't know this site was still going!! I took a break, because DH went of to Iraq for over a year. He's returned now. I'm very excited to
Kimberly Snover
Apr 11, 2010

Re: New I Am

Hi, Welcome to the group. There are only 5 of us right now. Unfortunately, we are not as active as I had hoped when we started the group. It would be really
Apr 11, 2010

Pin cushion of Strawberry or corn

I would like to swap and make pin cushions to start with. If anyone is interested I will make a strawberry or corn and swap. Thank you so.
Apr 11, 2010

New I Am

Greetings. I live in Ontario on my reservation. I am retired and love to do hand sewing and bead work. I also do dolls and other paper crafts with fabric.
Apr 11, 2010

Re: Hi

Delete letters, it can only hold so much. I think You can set your settings to receive or not receive a copy of your own mail in the Yahoo groups settings. ...
Becky Ellen
May 7, 2009


Well. It seems I'm getting messages from you two, but none that I actually send. I wonder if Yahoo is sending them to my Yahoo address I never use. But my
Kimberly Snover
May 7, 2009

Re: test message

I got it ________________________________ From: Kimberly Snover To: soCalsArtQuilters@yahoogroups.com Sent: Friday, April 24, 2009
Becky Ellen
Apr 25, 2009

Re: test message

I got it... Julie
Apr 24, 2009

test message

Hey you guys. I'm just sending this test message, because it seems like as the moderator of this list, I'm not getting my messages, and I'm trying to figure
Kimberly Snover
Apr 24, 2009

Re: Pismo gettogether

Hi, I am planning on going and I have told my husband. October sounds good. Maybe 2 or 3 days during the week, instead of a weekend, room rates will probably
Becky Ellen
Apr 20, 2009

Pismo gettogether

Hi Becky and Julie. Was just wondering if we are going to do our little getogether in the fall. We have lots of time to check out hotels and bead/stitching
Kimberly Snover
Apr 19, 2009

Re: I'm Here!

Hi, Julie, It only took me twice, this time,... but sometimes with those kinds of things it takes several times. I will try to be more active on this list than
Becky Ellen
Apr 17, 2009

I'm Here!

This is Julie in San Diego. Boy, I had to try to type the "can you type this" about 4 times, before I got it right! Good thing I can still see to stitch! Julie
Apr 16, 2009
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