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Re: [SoCalFire] Re: info sent to San Diego

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  • Michael O'Rourke
    ... From: John To: Sent: Friday, October 31, 2003 11:22 PM Subject: Re: [SoCalFire] Re: info sent to San
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      From: "John" <thefishmail@...>
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      Sent: Friday, October 31, 2003 11:22 PM
      Subject: Re: [SoCalFire] Re: info sent to San Diego

      > Actually, I don't know a whole lot about the early
      > part of this fire. As I mentioned, I was in San
      > Bernardino on a fire. I do know that one of our
      > strike teams was sent from the Pendleton fire to
      > Ramona about 6:15. I also know that I talked to the
      > initial attack IC on the Cedar Fire about it and he
      > felt that their hands were tied.

      Well, I was listening to the whole thing,
      and the EXACT words of the IC, about 7pm,
      were "It's just skunking around up here".

      > I know the people on the ground. I know the
      > conditions they faced. I don't think that they
      > underestimated that fire for an instant.

      John, I'm not a firefighter, but I've listen to
      MANY more fires than most firefighters ever respond
      to, and I'm CERTAIN that the IC didn't handle this
      event correctly.

      > Heck, they called for structure protection strike
      > teams right away.

      No, they called for the structure strike teams at a time
      when they thought the fire was 3-4 hours out from SDCE
      (after 11pm), while the fire actually got there in under
      an hour, WITH the strike teams still not in place where
      the fire was heading.

      There were 2 stringers at Ramona Oaks and Thornbush
      just after 10pm, and they had to leave quicjkly when
      the first homes strart burning, jusyt after midnight,
      and there were NO structure engines at that location
      when they were leaving. They passed 2 engines heading
      east as they were heading west, and there is only the
      one road in and out of there.

      2 engines is not nearly 2 strike teams,
      which is what was ordered.

      That was simply one part of why the fire got so badly
      out of control.

      > They just didn't get enough. Remember, a lot
      > of the command traffic is on cell these days.

      I heard plenty, and I doubt much USFS command traffic,
      ESPECIALLY at Cedar Creek Falls, was on cellphones.

      > You may
      > not be getting the whole picture. Personally, I'd
      > like to see the dispatch log to see if what you're
      > saying is true.

      As I told someone in the media, the log would be nice,
      but a tape of the radio traffic will reveal more.
      The tone of voice alone will tell you something.
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