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    County area gets 2 new fire stations SERVICES: Temescal Canyon and Eastvale will see engines and crews in the spring. 02/05/2003 By STEFANIE FRITH THE
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 12, 2003
      County area gets 2 new fire stations
      SERVICES: Temescal Canyon and Eastvale will see engines and crews in
      the spring.



      If Gary Hambright's house in Temescal Canyon ever catches fire, it
      could take 20 minutes for a fire engine to arrive.

      This spring, the long wait for emergency services will be cut to a
      couple minutes.

      The Temescal Canyon and Eastvale areas will each receive a Riverside
      County fire station -- a much-needed service for the blossoming
      population moving into new tract homes there -- said county
      Supervisor Bob Buster, who oversees the Temescal Canyon area.

      "If there was something life-threatening, or a fire, we would
      worry," said Hambright, who lives in Horsethief Canyon, a group of
      about 2,300 new homes just north of Lake Elsinore. "Having the fire
      department come in will bring a lot of relief."

      Some 4,500 people live in Eastvale, with another 55,000 expected to
      move in within 15 years. In Temescal Canyon, which includes Home
      Gardens and El Cerrito in some demographic statistics, there are
      about 25,000 people. More than 20,000 more are expected by the year
      2020, according to the Riverside County Economic Development Agency.

      Plans to build the fire stations have been in the works for a couple
      of years, but only recently has the Riverside County Fire Department
      received the funds to go ahead with them, said Capt. Tracy Hobday.

      Temporary stations first

      Temporary stations will be set up first. In Eastvale, the temporary
      station will be placed at Orange Street and Cleveland Avenue, behind
      Phoenix High School. Temescal Canyon's station is planned for Indian
      Truck Trail and Interstate 15.

      Each station will have two firefighters and one engine, said Hobday.
      The department hasn't decided who will staff the new locations.

      "The temporary stations are a much faster way for us to provide a
      level of service without waiting another year for the permanent
      stations," said Hobday.

      Riverside County Batallion Chief Michael Mata works at Station 14 in
      Norco. Despite its close proximity to Eastvale, getting fire engines
      from Norco to Eastvale can be a fight, he said. Traffic on
      Interstate 15 and Hamner Avenue is intense and new roads pop up so
      often they aren't even included in the most recent map books, he

      "It's going to be a good thing to have that extra station out
      there," Mata said. It's going to speed things up."

      Who provides service

      Hobday said the new stations should help the problem of residents
      who are concerned or confused about who their local emergency
      service providers are. Residents in Eastvale have either a Corona or
      Norco mailing address. Those in Temescal Canyon also use Corona as a
      mailing address, but may have children enrolled in the Elsinore
      School District.

      Corona police often receive 911 calls from people who live in
      Temescal Canyon. Eastvale residents almost always call the Norco
      Fire Department when there is a blaze, Norco firefighters said.

      Hambright, who works at the Trilogy Golf Club in Temescal Canyon,
      said he and his family thought they were in heaven when they moved
      to Horsethief Canyon because of the semi-remote lifestyle. They
      never thought about the fact that emergency services weren't nearby.

      "It just wasn't something that dawned on me," Hambright, 45,
      said. "The only time I thought about it was when we called for an
      ambulance for my dad. It took 20 minutes for the Fire Department to
      get there and another 12 minutes for the ambulance. Luckily, they
      took great care of him once they got there."

      Hobday said residents can trust the Fire Department to respond and
      act resourcefully once they arrive.

      "It's just an extended response time and we don't like that," he
      said. "These stations are going to get us up and running."

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