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Re: Super Scoopers

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  • wldfire96
    I agree completely!! Very well put! ... dominated by a bunch of wanna be firefighters - not all that use this site mind you - but a fair number - I was on the
    Message 1 of 27 , Sep 30, 2006
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      I agree completely!! Very well put!

      --- In SoCalFire@yahoogroups.com, JOsh Man <fyamun@...> wrote:
      > You guys are killing me! I am beginning to think this site is
      dominated by a bunch of wanna be firefighters - not all that use this
      site mind you - but a fair number - I was on the 1st alarm assignment
      for the VERY 1st first time the scoopers were ever used in the LA
      area ...just above Sunset & Laurel Canyon, Sept 1979 - they worked
      very well in a fast moving fire threatening many homes - we had to
      take cover under our rigs the fire came up so fast - and turn around
      time for the Super Scoopers was only 6 minutes from the coast....we
      needed them and were impressed with them - please if you are going
      to talk about firefighting tactics and strategies here have some
      training and experience...not just casual observations!
      > CA has some excellent departments and experienced wildland
      fireground officers - after all this state sees it all - please
      comment on tactics and strategy only when/if you truly understand
      > Art Deyo <adeyo@...> wrote:
      > I witnessed the "Super Scoopers" in action during a Santa
      Ana Wind
      > driven brush fire in LA County way back in 1980 (1978,79, and 80
      > will rockin' fire seasons). The bomber came in low and drop their
      > load of water. The water never made it to the base of the fire and
      > hence, was ineffective. The water literally blew away with the
      > Perhaps they were more effective once the winds abated.
      > Media driven public policy is dangerous (just ask the
      > cops).Politicians will start to appease the media pundits and
      > the needs of the public. I suspect will we begin to see media
      > public policy with the new DC-10 tanker and perhaps the rumored 727
      > (or 747) under development.
      > Just my observations. Art
      > --- In SoCalFire@yahoogroups.com, "Kim Noyes" <kimnoyes@> wrote:
      > >
      > > While looking for something else on Wikipedia I came across their
      > > entry for the 1970 Laguna Fire in San Diego Co. and found this
      > > anecdote I had not heard before:
      > >
      > > At at time when high Santa Ana winds grounded other firefighting
      > > aircraft, a representative of Canadair brought a CL-215 to
      > > California to demonstrate its capabilities. He was turned away by
      > > firefighting officials. Nevertheless, while other firefighting
      > > aircraft were unable to fly safely he operated his "Super
      > out
      > > of El Capitan Reservoir and dropped water on the Laguna Fire
      > wherever
      > > he saw fit. The firefighting officials were unimpressed and such
      > > aircraft are not used in southern California to fight fires to
      > > day (with the exception of two CL-415s leased by Los Angeles
      > > during the fire season).
      > >
      > > Courtesy of: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laguna_Fire
      > >
      > > *Note: In my earlier entry on this thread I incorrectly stated the
      > > Williams Fire in Yuba Co. occured in 2000 when it actually
      > in
      > > 1997.
      > >
      > > Kim
      > >
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