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29199Re: [SoCalFire] Watch Southern California Mode-S and ADS-B Traffic - Live Data

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  • Kim Noyes
    Jun 25, 2014
      That is way cool... thanks!

      On Wed, Jun 25, 2014 at 9:31 PM, 'Brian' mtnbiker2005news@... [SoCalFire] <SoCalFire@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      Virtual Radar Server Europe (VRS-Europe) - Custom Server for Mode-S Receivers and VRS Rebroadcast

      All ADS-B aircraft will be shown on the Google Map.

      Mode-S Aircraft (Military, Coast Guard, Law Enforcement/Fire helicopters, Fire Tankers, Some Los
      Angeles Media helicopters, Air Force One, etc) Will be listed on the list next to the map with any
      Call-Sign/Flight Number, Speed, Altitude, Squawk.

      Full screen Desktop version
      Full screen Mobile version

      Two feeders feeding at this time in Southern California.

      VRS-San Gabriel-California - Unknown receiver.

      It's being feed by the RadarCape Mode-S receiver box to the VRS-Europe server.
      On the top right of the map, Click on "Menu">Receiver"> Pick VRS-San-Diego-California or San


      It's best to use the sorting feature on the text list side area.
      Click on 'Altitude' to sort and find low flying aircraft on the top of the list to find helicopters
      flying in the area.

      * Duration - (Good to find surveillance aircraft aka high time = long flying time in the area)
      * Operator (Air Methods Corp, City Of San Diego, Civil Air Patrol, SAN Diego Country Sheriff's Dept,
      Lapd Air Support Division, etc)
      * Squawk (Cal Fire aircraft will squawk 1255 (Fire Aircraft) (List sorting will come in handy)

      The 'Menu>Options' has some other options available. Just need to unlock them and edit the options.
      Once you setup everything correctly. Your internet browser should remember the correct settings to
      use every time.

      Any Friends, Family, Local Scanners Enthusiasts can view the Mode-S/ADS-B data from any

      It will come in handy for the next big brush fire in Southern California. Keeping track of what fire
      aircraft flying around for the fire.

      * Have Fun Watching * :-)

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