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  • SoCalFire@yahoogroups.com
    Oct 1, 2011
      Thanks for joining SoCalFire! Here's a few rules to make everything run a
      little smoother.

      1. No whining.

      I thought that I'd put this at the top of the list to remind all the newbies
      and the oldbies that this list is not here for whining about other people and
      their posts. If you have a problem with someone else on the list, send them a
      message directly, or send a message to socalfire-owner@yahoogroups.com and
      we'll take care of it.

      2. Keep it on topic.

      If the message has no fire-related content, keep it off the list. If you're
      selling something, use the sale lists (there's at least a dozen fire/LMR
      radio/ham radio sale lists on Y!G; use them.

      There will be no posting of weather forecasts or discussions from any
      organizations other than the National Weather Service or any other .gov
      agency; Accuweather; The Weather Channel; or Intellicast. The only
      exemption from this restriction is information from AMS or NWA certified
      meteorologists or organizations.

      3. No one-liners.

      This goes for the "play-by-play" posters, and the one-line-question posters.
      This is not a "play-by-play" list, that's SoCalFireNews. Please combine the
      information that you've gathered into a larger post. If you're posting sooner
      than every 15-30 minutes about a fire, you're posting too much.

      Conversely, don't ask the endless stream of "what's the frequency" or "what
      equipment" for fires. There's a usual set of frequencies used by the different
      agencies, and you should have them programmed into your scanner, or on a sheet
      close to it. The only exception to this rule is some of the air-air "Victor"
      frequencies, which should be posted as soon as possible by whoever is covering
      the fire. The rundown of equipment is done on the initial dispatch, which
      someone should be writing down before posting to the list.

      4. Trim your replies/Watch the subject line.

      This is mainly for those people that recieve this list in digest form. At the
      bottom of every message sent out by Y!G, there's an ad. GET RID OF IT!!!!! We
      don't like to see them in the first place, why would we want to see them over
      and over in replies?

      When you're replying to someone, trim their quoted material, or clean it up as
      to make what you're replying to more noticable. The digest readers don't need
      to see 157 lines of quoting (including ads) for just a one line reply to a

      Digest readers: when you reply to a message in the digest, quote only what
      you're replying to, and not the 2000+ lines of the digest. Make sure that you
      change the subject of the message from "Digest ####" to the subject of the
      section you're replying to. It helps keep everything on-thread.

      When there's multiple incidents going on in a unit or county, make sure that the thread has the right incident name listed. When there's several threads running with the subject "New Start - RRU" it makes it rather tough to figure out which incident is which. "New Start - RRU - Jurupa IC" is fine, and drop the "New Start" after the first couple of posts or hours.

      5. Moderation

      New members are automatically placed on moderation. This is mainly to stop the
      spam that has become pervasive on the system. It's also so that we (the
      moderators) know that you're okay, and not some kind of wierdo. You'll come off
      moderation when we feel that it's okay to turn you loose to the list.

      Old members may go back on moderation if they break the rules. Mainly this is
      for breaking Rule #1 (no whining), for flaming another list member, or posting
      something completely off-topic. If you've been placed on moderation, you'll be
      taken off when the moderators think you can be trusted again.

      6. Check the archives

      If you've missed a post, or need information about a fire, check the archives, which are available to all members. Whatever goes out to the list is archived, so you should be able to do a little research to get the info you need before asking the list.

      7. Have fun!

      This list is for getting the information about fires in SoCal out, so we all
      know what's going on. The news media isn't very much help in getting the
      specifics out, and you can listen to the incidents as they unfold.

      If you have any questions, complaints, or suggestions, email them to socalfire-
      owner@yahoogroups.com and we will try to get to them as soon as possible.

      Smokey Behr, List Owner
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