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1454Weather Alerts

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  • Smokey Behr
    Dec 1, 2001
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      In an attempt to end the discussion as to where the weather alerts
      should go, I'll offer a suggestion.

      Everyone can go to http://www.incident.net and subscribe to the EDIS
      service. This allows you to pick and choose what level of alert and
      geographic area you want to receive.

      I send FLASH priority messages only to one of my lists, and receive
      EVERYTHING at my own address. I send flash and urgent messages for my
      local area to my phone, so I know if there's an EDIS emergency while
      I'm running around without my scanner/HT.

      I would like to suggest to the other list moderators that FLASH
      priority messages for the specific area be sent to the lists, and that
      everyone subscribe to EDIS for the levels and areas that they want.

      John "Smokey Behr" Gleichweit
      IPN-CAL086 N5VZQ WNRW769
      Incident Paging Network California Chapter Admin.
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