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8287Another werewolf on Halloween night

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  • mikehammer_pi_44
    Nov 1, 2013

      Another Halloween has pasted, this story is about the werewolf of Halloween night.

      Written by:     j.f.mazzaferro.

      198 words

      Walking about in prospect park Brooklyn, during the luna full moon can be some kind of crazy experience.  The best costume I have ever seen on Halloween night was that of a man who dressed up like a werewolf with blood dripping down from his mouth!

      He had more hair on him then the bearded lady from the circus, as the full moon shined bright above, oh my god I saw him rip people throats out. Ripping their flesh off their bones. It was not a disguise, he was sitting howling at the moon a real lunatic. Can you imagine this disturbed mental case running lose around the children on Halloween.

      His elevator did not go all the way up to the top floor, his brain was out of service!  No more kibbles n bits for this mental case!

      One of the police officers biggest mistakes was to attempt a stop and frisk on the wolf man, the funny site of watching six cops trying to stop and frisk this wolf man as he toss them off !

      The crowds yelled go wolfy go !