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8286my latest writing project.

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  • monk
    Jun 15, 2013
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      5 Years ago today is when the death to our atmosphere started. An alien race of beings invaded our planet.
      To understand just what took place and why… across the galaxy. On another planet in a far far place a Race of beings was exhausting its own natural resources. Creating an atmosphere of toxic beings that had mutated! Looking for a solution for the problems they made, they made it earth's problem exporting its toxic waste throughout the Galaxy to Planet Earth!

      It was planet earth who had just started to learn the advantages of recycling waste, when the toxic destroyers started to use robotic drones to dump toxic waste into the atmosphere of planet earth, making the air un-breathable.

      The skies had darkened to a charcoal soot, the smell of decay, as birds fell to the ground dead from the sky, fish had mutated into something out of a horror movie and Human cells became deformed!

      This was the start of the toxic destroyers invasion of planet earth!