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14681RE: [Small4-strokeEngines] 2 vs 4: was motorcycle engines

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  • George Bearden
    Sep 1, 2014
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      >  So long as persons have to dittle with the 2-cyc in a different manner, they will dittle wrong!


      I have fooled with engines for over 50 years, fixing them, modifying them, generally with good results. I have worked as a mechanic a few times in my life. I have bought/fixed/sold lots of vehicles. Over 450 counting both motorcycles and cars. I'm sure many people on here have much greater knowledge and experience. I like understanding what is going on inside, the subtlenesses. I have owned a number of 2-strokes, prolly a hunert or more, with generally good results except for fuel consumption complaints and stuff..

      I know that when I start flying with a 2-stroke I will have to learn and un-learn a great deal. I have a lot of written Rotax information on care and feeding and operation. It is kinda intimidating, so many things that can get you.

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