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146742 vs 4: was motorcycle engines

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  • Percy Wood
    Sep 1, 2014
      "Two things I can know; 1) you can't claim misinformation with
      integrity until you KNOW all the particulars in each case, 2) good results on
      your part with 2-strokes doesn't imply lying on the part of others with bad
      results. "
      Well George your two things beats my one thing - in count, at least.
        My surmizal, taken from a 2-cyc guru I once knew (and he was smart about a LOT of things) is that the two-cyc Must Be Treated Differently than a 4-cyc.  Since most all engines one encounters are 4-cyc (think cars), we tend to treat `em all the same.  That is the source of "good results on your part..."
        The basic lesson is that it is a 4-cyc world.  At the gas pump.  Where it counts!  I was once able to buy 2-cyc gas.  Premixed.  At 2 cents a gallon more than MoGas.  It worked fine in my motorcycle.  Only one fouling, and I picked the bit of crut out and kept on bikin'. 
        So long as persons have to dittle with the 2-cyc in a different manner, they will dittle wrong!
              My $0.02
              Percy in SE Bama
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