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14664RE: [Small4-strokeEngines] Re: motorcycle engines

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  • George Bearden
    Sep 1, 2014
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      > getting tired of misinformation about 2 strokes

      I'm glad you have had good luck with 2-strokes. It is encouraging to hear. Like you, I have heard pilot after pilot report engine failures in their 2-strokes forcing an off-field landing. It doesn't take too much of this to undermine my confidence. Natchurley these reports come from quite a wide sampling of pilots, experience, engine knowledge and now maybe honesty. Some pilots assert their engine savvy when saying they treated the 2-stroke right. But I'll never know. I have no way of checking that. Plus- do they have an agenda and are being dishonest about the incident somehow? I can't know. Sitting here in my seat I have people claiming 'misinformation', over there are people swearing at 2-strokes with vivid accounts of premature failure, over and over.

      Two things I can know; 1) you can't claim misinformation with integrity until you KNOW all the particulars in each case, 2) good results on your part with 2-strokes doesn't imply lying on the part of others with bad results. Because each of us have honor and integrity until proven different, I would encourage you to re-read your msg before posting in order to avoid unnecessary inflammation of the topic.


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