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14118Re: [Small4-strokeEngines] Advice on Mikuni pump and B&S engine

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  • ron ohler
    Mar 7, 2014
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      I had problems with my plane for a few months. Intermittent issues. I finally had it sputter on take off and I stuck it back down at the far end of the runway and said that was it! This problem is going to be found before I try to fly it again. With help from onlookers we discovered air bubbles in the fuel line. Traced it down to the pick up in the fuel tank. It was copper tube. The bulkhead connection to the tank was a compression fitting and the compression nut had cracked. The line would move around and in some points be tight and others loose. We pulled it and replaced it with urethane. I put a barb fitting in the end as a pick-up weight. Do make sure that if you use urethane that it gets replaced at least every 2 years. I broke a plane due to the blue stuff failing on takeoff. If you look at it you can see it turning green and cloudy as it gets older. I could tear mine and cut it in half with a thumb nail.

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      With out knowing what your fuel tank looks like, I’m only guessing. But, I suspect that if it is pumping then stops its not the pump but perhaps the tank and pick up tube.  If your tank does not have a sump to draw from. Its possible, when the fuel level gets low the fuel may depending on your angle of flight, may be tilting away from your pick up tube. Your tank should have a sump to draw from no matter what fuel pump you use. I would suggest an electric one . 

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      Hi guys,
      I would like to have your advice on a small Mikuni fuel pump I am using.  Does anyone have advice how to connect it properly to my Briggs and Stratton?  It needs to pump the fuel  from 1 meter (3ft) below.  I tried several ways, but when the fuel level is getting low it stops.  (and I glide)
      Like to hear from you, thanks!
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