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  • ...there tend to go in spurts; not a bad thing, just different from how Slovak Roots is and Slovak World used to be. ~ Julie Michutka jmm@^$1 On Dec 5, 2013, at 4:14 PM, Marycay Doolittle wrote: I just read on Slovak Roots that Martin Votruba has started a new group...
    Julie Michutka Dec 5, 2013
  • I came across this article today about an effort, so far unsuccessful, to raise funds for a holocaust memorial in Kosice. ~ Julie Michutka http://www.tabletmag.com/jewish-news-and-politics/148940/slovakian-holocaust-memorial?utm_source=tabletmagazinelist&utm_campaign=feb05b2d56-10_16_2013&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_c308bf8edb-feb05b2d56-185256377
    Julie Michutka Oct 16, 2013
  • I don't usually plan so far ahead, but there's a good chance I can make it in 2014. Y'all save a seat for me! ~ Julie Michutka On Oct 3, 2013, at 9:17 PM, < votrubam@^$1 > < votrubam@^$2 > wrote: > I guess it will be Sun, Nov. 3, 2014 Thank you, Bette, your help is greatly appreciated, the date is fixed now. Indeed, the Annual Slovak Heritage Festival organized by the Slovak...
    Julie Michutka Oct 6, 2013
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  • For my last trip (2006) I used a couple of the standard guide books (such as Lonely Planet) to scope out hotels and pensions for the areas in which I wanted to stay. I would pick ones that had a website (probably many more of them by now), check them out there, and make reservations online. You might be able to get a good sense of how well they can handle English-only visitors...
    Julie Michutka Jun 3, 2013
  • Sorry my thumb hit send too soon! Contact Helene Cincebeaux about Torysky; it's a town she takes groups to. Sweet place; great memories of our stop there. I really like the design of the village kroj. You'll have a great trip! Sent from my iPhone On May 31, 2013, at 4:54 PM, "mkgraban" wrote: > Looking forward to traveling to Slovakia for the first time the end of Aug.to visit...
    Julie Michutka May 31, 2013
  • Contact Helene Cincebeaux about Torysky Sent from my iPhone On May 31, 2013, at 4:54 PM, "mkgraban" wrote: > Looking forward to traveling to Slovakia for the first time the end of Aug.to visit towns that my husbands family came from. Hope to visit Slovinky (his dads side of the family) and Torysky (his mothers side of the family) among other towns. Any travel advice...
    Julie Michutka May 31, 2013
  • ...definitely noticed that popular names are different from village to village, and also within a village over time. Julie Michutka jmm@^$1
    Julie Michutka Jan 14, 2013
  • ...Just my thoughts. Excuse me if I've repeated past ideas--I haven't always kept up with the discussions lately. ~ Julie Michutka jmm@^$1 [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
    Julie Michutka Jan 7, 2013
  • Lovely website, Colin! ~ Julie Michutka On Oct 16, 2012, at 1:59 PM, cvargacvarga wrote: > http://colinpvarga.com/www.colinpvarga.com/Welcome.html > >
    Julie Michutka Oct 17, 2012
  • Martin, this link took me to a Yahoo page where I could compose a post. Not what you intended, I think. Julie Michutka On Sep 26, 2012, at 10:46 AM, votrubam wrote: > The Slovak Studies Program at the University of Pittsburgh invites you to its Annual Slovak Heritage Festival on the first Sunday in November, 11/4, beginning at 1 p.m. > > The lineup of the talks is here...
    Julie Michutka Sep 26, 2012