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RE: [Slovak-World] Re: Visa Problems for Slovaks

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  • gergely
    Very good point Colin. That may be a point to leverage with our congressmen and senators. Jack Gergely ... From: raybravo2000 [mailto:colinv@earthlink.net]
    Message 1 of 19 , Jul 26, 2004
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      Very good point Colin. That may be a point to leverage with our
      congressmen and senators.

      Jack Gergely

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      From: raybravo2000 [mailto:colinv@...]
      Sent: Monday, July 26, 2004 10:14 PM
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      Subject: [Slovak-World] Re: Visa Problems for Slovaks

      This reminded me of another young woman from my family in
      Jakubany who tried to get a student visa. She was accepted by
      one or two colleges in the US but that wasn't enough. So her
      uncle in Florida who had retired from the FBI tried but wasn't able
      to help her. She's very bright and she and her family would like
      her to study in the US. But she can't get a visa.

      I also heard privately from a woman whose sister was getting
      married and the family had invited people from Slovakia to come
      to the wedding. But they couldn't get visas.

      I think if Slovaks are good enough to die in Iraq they ought to be
      able to attend a wedding or family reunion in the US.


      --- In Slovak-World@yahoogroups.com, "Lil M. Junas"
      <lil.junas@w...> wrote:
      > I'd like to weight in on this visa issue, too.
      > In the spring, a cousin from near Kosice was denied a visa for
      the second time. She is a 16-year-old who wanted to attend
      school in the USA for one year. Through the family's church, she
      had all arrangements taken care of--housing, food, etc. Another
      girl from her area was in the same Virginia school/town this past
      year, so the groundwork was set.
      > Another cousin who teaches English in a high school in
      Kosice sent me the details, the latest of which is that the US
      Embassy wanted the family to pay $600 for the visa. The family
      just can't afford this.
      > I gave my cousin's info to Iowa Sen. Charles Grassley. He sent
      the info to an Immigration office. In about 2 months I got a letter
      from the immigration people, asking for more info--simple things
      like the girl's home address (as if that would matter). I sent
      answers to what they requested. That was in March-April of
      2004. I have heard nothing since.
      > Is it possible that some Slovak-American organization could
      take this visa issue farther up the line in our gvernment?
      Perhaps if an established society/organizatioon did it, there
      would be more clout than an individual family would have. I'd
      willingly support any such movement. It irritates me that some
      people just seem to walk over our borders without question, yet
      innocent people like this young girl are being put through so
      much red tape.
      > lil junas
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      > From: "raybravo2000" <colinv@e...>
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      > Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2004 19:02:54 -0000
      > >Ahoj,
      > >
      > >It's going to rain here in Philly soon, so finally a cool breeze is
      > >coming in now.
      > >
      > >Anyway I thought I would write to the members to let them
      > >of a problem some of my (our) relatives are having. I invited
      > >members of the Bucko family, Michal Bucko and his son
      > >to come to the Jakubany Reunion in Sept. I sent a written
      > >via snail mail to the family in Jakubany and this was
      > >with the application for visas from the US Embassy in
      > >to visit the US. Their application was denied. Young Michal
      > >Bucko was very disappointed, and he had to wait at the
      > >for 2 hours for this appointment . Add to this the difficulty
      > >from Jakubany to Bratislava and the fact that each application
      > >$100. (The application fee is roughly 1% of annual income in
      > >Slovakia which is $10,000.) The reason for denial was:
      > >
      > >This office regrets to inform you that you were found ineligible
      > >visa issuance under Section 214(b) of the Immigration and
      > >Nationality Act. There is no appeal of this decision.
      > >
      > >This Act, as amended, contains a statutory presumption that
      > >nonimmigrant visa applicants are actually intending
      > >Applicants can overcome this presumption by demonstrating
      > >they have a permanent residence abroad which they have no
      > >intention of abandoning.
      > >
      > >I have written to my senators, my congressman, and other
      > >senators and congressmen on the International Relations
      > >Comm. Also I wrote to Colin Powell and e-mailed our
      > >Ambassador in Bratislava. Eveline and I have traded some
      > >e-mail and ideas. My letters mentioned a few points:
      > >
      > >That the Buckos were invited to essentially a family reunion.
      > >
      > >That the Slovak Republic continues to be a member of the
      > >Coalition of the Willing and that Slovaks can fight & die in Iraq
      > >not visit the US.
      > >
      > >The Buckos have a nice house and new car and live well in
      > >Jakubany .
      > >
      > >Eveline mentioned:
      > >
      > >Young Michal Bucko has traveled to Italy with the choir from
      > >seminary, and returned to Slovakia.
      > >
      > >Also as a priest he can marry in the Slovak Rep. but not in the
      > >US.
      > >
      > >If you feel strongly about this please write to the Ambassador
      > >Bratislava and any other government officials or
      > >The Buckos paid at least a hundred dollars and had to travel I
      > >think they should not have to reapply just continue the
      > >application process.
      > >
      > >Dakujem,
      > >Colin
      > >
      > >US Embassy Bratislava
      > >Ronald Weiser, Ambassador
      > >P.O. Box 309
      > >81499
      > >Bratislava
      > >Email: cons@u...
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