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  • yawho2001
    Interesting information. I thought each state would be pressing it s own agenda. I m certain that s true but I hadn t given much thought to cooperation
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 13, 2004
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      Interesting information. I thought each state would be pressing it's
      own agenda. I'm certain that's true but I hadn't given much thought
      to cooperation between political factions for a common goal.



      Low turnout in EP elections awaited

      Sun 13 Jun 04, 14:24 • Slovensko.com
      Six weeks after the enlargement of the European Union, the citizens
      are voting for the new European Parliament. Slovakia, along with 18
      other member states, holds the elections on Sunday 13 June 2004.
      Almost six thousand polling stations in Slovakia opened at 7am and
      will close at 10pm.

      There are 17 political parties and movements running in the EP
      elections. Citizens have to choose one of them and eventually mark
      one candidate to receive a preferential vote. There are 14 places
      reserved for Slovakia in the European Parliament, which is less than
      two percent in the total number of 732 deputies.

      The turnout in the elections seems to be low and numbers below 25%
      are awaited. This is one of the lowest awaited results in the 25
      countries along with the neighboring Czech Republic. One possible
      reason of low turnout is the "distance to Brussels", several
      politicians say. Many people believe, that the 14 deputies would have
      no influence in the parliament to defend the interests of the Slovak

      People apparently do not realize the fact, that the deputies in the
      European Parliament are grouped by political factions instead of
      nations. Communists, greens, radicals, socialists, liberals,
      conservatives and rightists have all their individual factional
      interests and try to reach an agreement on different Europe-wide
      issues with other factions. Defending only the national interests
      would transform the parliament into 25 different-sized groups of
      deputies waving their national flags.

      Actually, a voter in Slovakia has much higher influence in the
      European Parliament than a German or a French voter. With a
      population of 5.4 million and 14 deputies, one deputy represents less
      than 400,000 inhabitants of Slovakia. In Germany, 82 million people
      are represented by 99 deputies, which makes over 820,000 inhabitants
      per deputy, or more than twice as much as in Slovakia. The highest
      values vote in the European Union is in Luxembourg, where less than
      90,000 inhabitants

      The unofficial results of the EP elections are awaited tonight.
      Official results of the whole European Union will be known when all
      countries announce their winning candidates. Next EP elections are
      planned for 2009 and probably Romania and Bulgaria will participate
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