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Re: [Slovak-World] Re: Electricity & Coal

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  • Vladimir Bohinc
    Dear Gil, I agree with you on all points. Everything is logical. However, when it comes to where the depot will be, nobody wants to have it. It also is a
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      Dear Gil,
      I agree with you on all points.
      Everything is logical. However, when it comes to where the depot will be, nobody wants to have it.
      It also is a psychological issue. And there are examples enough, that there is no absolutely safe thing, as long as it has been made by and used by man. If it is possible to avoid the risk, then better avoid it.
      On the other hand, continuing this discussion would lead us to the crossroad; should we be practical or philosophical?

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      From: Gil K.
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      Subject: Re: [Slovak-World] Re: Electricity & Coal

      Dear Vladimir,

      It is not my intent to oversimplfy the nuclear waste disposal situation. It is important however to identify and define the issues within the overall subject.

      There are two significant parts of the nuclear waste equation. One part is the high level waste that includes irradiated uranium and radionuclides resulting from the fission process. The second part is a huge amount of low level radioactive waste generated in laboratories, hospitals, and other research facilities including waste from the nuclear plants.

      The reprocessing discussion was directed to the high level waste and methodologies to reduce the amount of the materials to be stored for long term radioactive decay. The high level waste includes the fuel removed from commercial reactors, reactor fuel from the submarine and surface ship applications and certain high level sludge from the weapons programs.

      The other component of the nuclear waste disposal issue is the waste generated from nuclear medicine and research. This waste will exist even if all the nuclear plants were shutdown since most informed persons would not suggest we do away with nuclear medicine practices and basic research for the betterment of mankind.

      Most of this waste contains very low levels of radioactivity and this radioactivity is contained in large amounts of non radioactive materials such as plastic sheet, paper, wood and simple metal containers.

      There are a number of methods to deal with this waste. Most generators of this class of nucelar waste pursue the least expensive method for disposal which is drumming and burial. This method is not to different from burying garbage and covering it over.

      Other more effective methods include compacting the high volume low level waste to minimize the amount to be buried, and incinceration. Incineration is a complete process but the anti-nuclear forces have essentially halted all inceration operatons even though it is a safer process than incineration of chemical substances from the chemical weapons system, which is allowed.

      I tend to believe that many folks who oppose use of advanced technologies do so because they do not fully understand the techologies and the issues and find it more satisfying to object to their use.

      I also believe that continued discussion on this subject will provide much educational information to allow informed decisions on various methods for solving the problems.

      Gil K.

      Vladimir Bohinc <konekta@...> wrote:
      just to add my bit here.
      You are looking at this issue of nuclear waste a bit too simple. It is not only fuel rods, but thousands of tons of any other material, that became contaminated in plants and insitutes etc. This is a high volume issue, which for example in Germany requires huge onderground storage facilities.

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    • raybravo2000
      Hmmm, nostalgia... That reminds me of deja vu. Or is it the other way around. Colin
      Message 99 of 99 , May 6 6:34 PM
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        Hmmm, nostalgia...

        That reminds me of deja vu. Or is it the other way around.

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        > > OK Colin, When you get there send me a note from the past!
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        > > Gil K.
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        > Gil,
        > this sounds like nostalgia.
        > Noreen
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