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Electricity & Coal

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  • area9103
    There was an earlier discussion about coal and energy resouces in Slovakia. Here are some items of interest. At
    Message 1 of 99 , Apr 24, 2004
      There was an earlier discussion about coal and energy resouces in
      Slovakia. Here are some items of interest.

      there is a one page commentary on hydroelectric production in
      Slovakia, and it states there are some 180 small hydroelectric plants
      in the country. "According to the list of hydro power plants
      produced by the Ministry of Public Work in Prague in 1930 there were
      more than 3000 small power plants in Slovakia. After the Second World
      War the most of them were closed."
      I suspect the information on this sheet is dated and does not include
      additional hydro projects completed in recent years, eve though the
      figure of 180 hydrogeneration stations is covnermed in the 2003
      report at
      Slovakia: 180 existing plants 60 MW existing capacity 93 MW
      potential capacity
      Source: Preliminary information prepared for European Bank for
      Reconstruction and Development by Black and Veatch International
      based on private consultancy reports.

      on page 3 has a graph showing the Oil, Gas and Coal Production and
      Imports into Slovakia and neighboring countries.
      For renewable resouce power generation, the report rates Slovakia
      potential at:

      Biomass good
      Geothermal poor
      Hydro good
      Solar good
      Wind poor
      "Hydropower accounts for nearly one-third of current generating
      capacity in the Slovak Republic, and there are some 180 small
      hydropower plants currently operating. Further hydro development is
      likely, although biomass resources are considered to have the highest
      potential for development. It is estimated that only 10% of the
      country's potential for energy production from biomass is currently
      being exploited. The potential for solar projects for utility water
      heating are considered to be quite good."
      "Over half of Slovenia is covered with forests and wooded areas, and
      wood is an important fuel for space heating in the residential
      sector. There is also some 350 MW of installed generation capacity
      from forest residues. The potential of biomass lies in exploiting its
      use for biofuels and biogas. More research is needed, however, to
      determine this potential."
      "Slovak Republic – The government plans to increase its use of
      renewable energy sources twofold by 2010. Currently low energy prices
      are the greatest barrier to fulfillment of this plan, but the
      government is making some efforts to gradually increase prices to
      cover costs."

      To leave you on a happy note, there is a third reference that invites
      comment by any environmental specialst in the crowd:
      "WATER QUALITY <of the DANUBE at Bratislava>
      As far as the purity of the water is concerned, the situation is
      quiet good. Today, the water of the Danube is classified
      as "moderately polluted" and suitable for most applications. The only
      problematic pollutant is oil. In Bratislava, the water contains about
      0,2 mg of oily substances in every litre of water. Oil spills do not
      occur very often nowadays. In every major city near the Danube, water
      purification plants have been built which have radically improved the
      water quality. In Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia, there are
      three large water purifying plants."
    • raybravo2000
      Hmmm, nostalgia... That reminds me of deja vu. Or is it the other way around. Colin
      Message 99 of 99 , May 6, 2004
        Hmmm, nostalgia...

        That reminds me of deja vu. Or is it the other way around.

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        > > OK Colin, When you get there send me a note from the past!
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        > > Gil K.
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        > Gil,
        > this sounds like nostalgia.
        > Noreen
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