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Re: [Slovak-World] Re: OT ethnic restaurants

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  • 75430.543@escapees.com
    Tony; Many restaurants serving Americanized Chinese food buffets offer a dish called General Tso s Chicken or something similar. It s usually very good, but
    Message 1 of 88 , Jan 29, 2004

      Many restaurants serving Americanized Chinese food buffets offer a dish
      called "General Tso's Chicken" or something similar. It's usually very good, but
      not the Hunanese "Viceroy Tso's Chicken" (Ts'o Tsung T'ang Chi) that we used to
      get at Hunan restaurants in Taipei - that too, might not be the same as that
      served in Hunan Province of China. Something close to authentic General or
      Viceroy Tso's Chicken might be found in a North American City with a large
      population of recent Chinese immigrants such as the Los Angeles metro area of
      Monterey Park or Rowland Heights, or in Toronto's extensive Chinatown

      We've found Chinese restaurants in some surprising places (at least to us),
      such as Mexicali, Mexico across the border from Colexico, CA, and even in the
      interior of Mexico in Zacatecas, an old Spanish colonial silver mining town. I
      assume these are descendants of older Chinese immigrants from the 19th
      Century. However, no "General Tso's Chicken" was to be found in either place. :-(



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      agp@... writes:

      > On another continent altogether, one thing that I have never found in all
      > my travels coast to coast and up to the arctic in Canada is a chinese
      > restaurant that serves General Tso's Chicken! Odd that.
      > But -- back in 1998 I went up to Churchill Manitoba to see the polar bears
      > (in November). Churchill is on Hudson Bay and only be gotten to via rail
      > or air. Population is far less than 1000, maybe 750. So its snowing like
      > crazy, its -5 degrees F, and the wind is 40 mph, and it dark. Its a
      > Wednesday at 6 PM and I walking back to my motel after going to 5 PM Mass.
      > (Its a SMALL town). And what do I see? No .. not a polar bear! A chinese
      > restaurant! And .. it was staffed with Chinese folk to boot.
      > Tony P

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    • raybravo2000
      OK, in Philly I can recommend: The Warsaw Cafe (a variety of Eastern European dishes not just Polish) **** The Persian Grille **** (in Lafayette Hill) South
      Message 88 of 88 , Jan 30, 2004
        OK, in Philly I can recommend:

        The Warsaw Cafe (a variety of Eastern European dishes not just
        Polish) ****

        The Persian Grille **** (in Lafayette Hill)

        South Street Souvlaki ****

        The Chinese cart in front of the Friends Select School at 17th &
        the Ben Franklin Pwky ****

        17th Street Falafel **** (a cart at 17th & Market)

        Murrays **** (Jewish Deli/Diner) Lower Merion

        Any place in the Reading Terminal Market ****


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        <theoldpro@n...> wrote:
        > Ahoj Slovaci,
        > Let me add my two licks about Chicago area's restaurants:
        > I lived in Chicago my first 36 years --
        > Some of my Favorites were:
        > For Steak -- George Diamond's on South Wabash, and the
        Stockyard Inn on
        > South Halstead or was it Western Avenue?
        > For Polish, Slovak, Bohemian -- Klas and Old Prague on 22nd
        street in Berwyn
        > and Cicero area.
        > and Czech Lodge (no longer there in Riverside, Illinois)
        > For Bakery -- Hillman's bakery -- Cermak Road in Berwyn
        > For German -- Berghoff's Restaurant on Randolph in
        downtown Chicago
        > For Lobster -- Weller's Restaurant, about 20 miles north of
        Chicago -- the
        > best lobster ever!!
        > For Prime Rib -- The Shore Club, on Lake Geneva about 60
        miles north of
        > Chicago $4.50 for a complete Prime Rib dinner with all the
        > theoldpro
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        > > yawho2001@y... writes:
        > > There was also a charming German restaurant and
        rathskeller called Old
        > > Heidelberg on Washington just west of State Street which
        was a great place
        > > to drink, eat, and party in the old-fashioned German tradition.
        > >
        > > I tried to have dinner there but they required men to have
        facial saber
        > scars
        > > and all I had was a razor slash near my right elbow. ;-)
        > >
        > > In my heyday, acne scars counted, but this qualification was
        > publicized.
        > >
        > > When I was working and partying in the downtown-Chicago
        area, I probably
        > ate
        > > out about 95% of the time, and so did most of my
        merry-making companions.
        > For
        > > the sake of sanity, variety, and budget, I was always on the
        lookout for
        > > interesting places for lunch and dinner that were affordable.
        > absolutely
        > > amazing how many were available--from a small bistro-type
        restaurant in
        > the
        > > Palmer House Hotel, to corporate dining rooms (aka
        "employee cafeterias"
        > subsidized
        > > by the many large companies headquartered there), to small
        coffee shops on
        > > the upper floors of many business buildings mainly for the
        convenience of
        > > building tenants and their employees. (The Mallers Building
        had a
        > particularly nice
        > > diner). We thought nothing of walking a mile or more for a
        good meal--not
        > > like now when the parking space closest to the entrance is
        the choicest
        > spot.
        > >
        > > When I was working in the Mandel Building, a long-gone
        historical edifice
        > > (with connections to the maze of underground railroad tracks
        through which
        > > merchandise was distributed throughout the downtown
        area), which used to
        > be located
        > > behind the Tribune Tower, I remember being one of the first
        patrons of the
        > > now-(in)famous Billy Goat Tavern shortly after they moved to
        their present
        > > location under Michigan Avenue from their original location
        on Madison
        > Street across
        > > from the Stadium. At that time, it was mainly a hangout for
        > > employees who didn't meet Riccardo's dress code--both city
        desk and
        > pressroom
        > > employees.
        > >
        > > At that time, Billy Sianis (the original "Billy Goat") was still
        alive and
        > > holding court every day (sometimes with his pet
        goat)--leaning on a
        > > silver-topped walking stick which he occasionally used on
        any attractive
        > butt that didn't
        > > scuttle past him fast enough--making sure that the myriad of
        > running
        > > the place didn't misplace a nickel or give away anything.
        > >
        > > It was a fun time to be earning a living, and I miss the good
        > > However, I'm sure there's still a lot going on for anyone who
        is willing
        > to go out
        > > and find it.
        > >
        > > B. J. Licko-Keel (BJLK@a...)
        > >
        > >
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