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Sneh and Cancelled Czechs

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  • Jan Lan
    ===================================================== Roads blocked, flights cancelled as snow hits country ... Roads were blocked and many flights were
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 8, 2004
      Roads blocked, flights cancelled as snow hits country
      Roads were blocked and many flights were cancelled on Wednesday amid heavy
      snowfall in the Czech Republic. Most of the country's motorways were
      cleared by mid-morning, but mountain roads especially in the north and
      northwest of the country remain blocked. Morning commuters had tough
      journeys in Prague, where slippery conditions were blamed for a number of
      accidents. More than 20 flights were cancelled and many others delayed at
      Prague's Ruzyne Airport. Among the cancellations were regular flights to
      Paris, Brussels and Vienna. Meteorologists said much of the snow would
      melt by the weekend as temperatures gradually rise above freezing.
      Driving in Europe vs US.

      After reading the CZ accident data (below), I wondered how we
      compared. On a proportional basis, I believe we have and edge on them as
      far as fatalities go. In the area of injuries, we blow them out of the
      water. They didn't list just the serious injuries in the US so it may not
      be a good comparison. On the other hand, we're a litigious society so I'd
      expect more reported injuries.

      CZ (Population ~ 10.3 M)
      Police report rise in road accidents in 2003
      Police say there were more than 175,000 traffic accidents in the first
      eleven months of last year, an increase on the same period in 2002. A total
      of 1,224 people died (cancelled Czechs?), and almost 5,000 people were
      injured. Police say the biggest problem is that police officers do not have
      the power to confiscate licenses on the spot. The Transport Ministry is to
      submit a new law to address the problem.

      US (Population ~ 292 M)
      The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said Thursday that
      42,815 people died in auto accidents in 2002, an increase of 1.5% from
      2001. At the same time, the number of injuries dropped, from 3.03 million
      in 2001 to 2.92 million in 2002.

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