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RE: [Slovak-World] Missing Mail--Spam Filters

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  • Bill Tarkulich
    BJ, The only way to know for certain is to have your very own mail server, without SPAM filtering enabled. You can be certain that the big houses like AOL are
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 29, 2003
      The only way to know for certain is to have your very own mail server,
      without SPAM filtering enabled. You can be certain that the big houses
      like AOL are still filtering even after you have disabled "your"
      filters. They are filtering not just spam but virus and trojans, too.

      I have my own web domain and my own shared mail server, so I get ALL the
      garbage there is (presently about 120 spam and virus messages per DAY.
      The upside to this is that I have FULL control of my mail accounts. I
      have then set up a couple of different SPAM filter systems that work for
      about 80% for me. Now, I'm a computer techie by trade, been doing email
      since 1983 and know far too much about all this (more than I care to,
      but need to know.) and have a predisposition to conquer this garbage

      SPAMMers have figured out how to forge the header information so it
      appears to all filters as legit. And the anti spam software jumps the
      gun a bit too much. AOL has a financial incentive to minimize spam
      since it costs them a LOT of $$ in bandwidth and storage space to
      process and hold all this stuff. Don't bother trying to fight AOL or
      Yahoo - try to find a smaller provider that gives you the same access
      but more control. While you get Yahoo for free, you never get something
      for nothing. There are plenty of decent smaller ISPs out there like
      juno.com who have local dialup numbers and still let you have more
      control of your email.

      I stopped using AOL a long time ago because of all the restrictions and
      it's magnetic attraction of SPAM.
      I needed to have a permanent email address due to the unsolicited
      inquiries I get from friends and customers. However, over time, you
      address gets out and you lose control over it.

      The only sure fire way to lose this stuff is to either a) MOVE - get a
      new email address, or b) use a challenge/response spam filter, where the
      sender must authenticate him/herself. This however, will not stop you
      from missing messages unless you get onto a different mail system.

      It will require a revolution in the internet email system to solve this
      problem. A system that requires "positive ID" will have to be
      established to challenge and authenticate, or "trust" each new sender.
      And it will all have to be transparent to the end user. The email
      system we use today is too trusting, and unfortunately too pervasive.
      Talks are underway to develop secure methods of email - but it will be a
      long time in adoption, since by now hundreds of millions of users are
      running email - no easy feat to change, but required.

      So consider yourself in the embryonic stages of internet email. You
      WILL have some stories to tell you great grandchildren....

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      Thanks, Bill, for your observations and offer to help. When I first
      began to
      notice that I was missing mail, I immediately checked out AOL's spam
      and discovered that most (but not all) of my S-W mail was landing in a
      folder, even though I was still receiving quite a few spam messages.
      spammer has figured out that putting "mailer-daemon" in the subject line
      sneak past most barriers. I then disabled all of the spam filters that
      I could
      find (including the ones that filtered out the graphics and pop-ups that
      likes to add to everything). It helped a little, but I seem to continue
      lose messages.

      Although I'm not entirely certain, I have reason to believe that other
      are also being affected. I have accessed my on-line mail folders, and
      missing messages are not there either. I really dread the awful task of
      into the archives for each list from which I receive mail (you don't
      want to
      know how many) and tabulating which messages were and were not received.
      Even if
      I can document that not every one of them is being delivered, what can
      done to correct the problem? Neither AOL nor Yahoo want to admit that
      is wrong.

      If something isn't done about the spam problem, we might very soon look
      to today as "the good old days" as far as the internet's social
      community is
      concerned. The problem seems to be getting worse, and no one has a clue
      how to control it. I'm getting really disturbed about the need to
      change my
      password every couple of days because it's been hacked once again. (And
      get me started on how those "poor telemarketers" are going to suffer if
      lose their jobs to legalized no-call restrictions.)

      I'm still interested in hearing more comments.

      B. J. Licko-Keel (BJLK@...)

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