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Non-slovak world but IMPORTANT INFO re SPAM

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  • Jim M
    I found the following info in HTML Goodies to go . Very good advice about not responding/ There is something that I can be heard whining about, however.
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2 7:34 AM
      I found the following info in "HTML Goodies to go". Very good advice about
      not responding/

      There is something that I can be heard whining about, however. It's the
      dreaded spam! I have seen people complaining on the local TV news about
      getting upwards of 500 spam emails into their mailboxes on a daily basis.
      500!! They should see what it's like if you have a published address! I
      two to three thousand spam emails daily in addition to legitimate incoming

      To get a handle on my email, and to provide me with comprehensive access to
      from anywhere in the world I use a combination of Microsoft's Exchange
      and Outlook. In a way this is a sledgehammer used to crack a nut, but it
      have some wonderful features. I can write some pretty involved rules for
      handling incoming mail. Many email clients include the capability to write
      rules in this way, and can be of great value in sorting out mail.

      First, I look for subjects that are immediately recognizable as spam, and
      auto- delete them. Next, I have a set of rules that look for things I am
      such as mail that correctly uses one of my addresses in the recipient field,

      and move this mail into one of a series of folders according to the address.

      When my rules have finished picking out what they can, the remainder is
      dropped into my default inbox. This remainder is everything that could not
      readily identified. It is 99% spam. I can cast my eyes down the list
      quickly ad pick out anything that looks like it might be legitimate, and
      manually move it to a "work" folder. The rest I delete en masse. The last
      thing you ever want to do is to respond to spam. That
      includes "unsubscribing" which only seems to serve to add your address to a
      whole bunch of other lists. If you suffer from spam, this technique may
      you out.

      Alternatively, our friends up at Panicware (http://www.PanicWare.com ) have
      product called Spamwasher that has it's own rules built right in and
      maintained by Panicware in a manner somewhat akin to the virus definition
      lists in your favorite anti-virus software. I took a days worth of email
      ran it into Spamwasher. Remarkably only about fifty pieces of spam got
      through it!

      There are legislative efforts afoot to try to stem the tide, but such
      will require international cooperation in order to be truly effective. That

      might happen - we'll have to wait and see. Spam exists only because it
      works. If everybody stopped responding to spam, stopped buying the
      products and ignored or boycotted the vendors who use spam, it would no
      be worth sending it. Somehow I don't think that will ever happen!

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