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  • amiak27
    The Dukla Operation is also covered as part of the exhibition in Banska Bystrica in the Museum of Slovak National Uprising . I stopped in there to see how the
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      The Dukla Operation is also covered as part of the exhibition in Banska Bystrica in the "Museum of Slovak National Uprising". I stopped in there to see how the display might have changed in 10 years, and it covers more of the international participation, including the western allies.

      Do ask for the English language Exposition Guide when you go in, however. It adds a lot that would be missed otherwise. They also have many monitors with different part of the stories with videos in various languages, including English.


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      Thank you SO MUCH for this post, Cathie!

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      Subject: [Slovak-World] Dukla Pass
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      I am in Slovensko for vacation. Today, my cousin
      and I drove to Dukla Pass from Spisska Nova Ves. It took
      2.5 hours. It is not close to anything, well, maybe an hour
      or so from Presov can be considered
      close.<br/><br/>If you are ever in the area,
      this should be on your must see list. The monument is
      beautiful. It is at the site of the graves of at least 800
      soldiers from all countries involved in the battle.
      <br/><br/>We drove a few meters and found the
      observatory/museum. It was only 1 Euro to go to the deck 8
      stories up. What a view. If you used your imagination, you
      can just see the battles going on. There are plenty of
      artifacts to see, including tanks, weaponry and
      miscellaneous items. Along the way there, you see old tanks
      and Howitzer-style cannons in the
      fields.<br/><br/>The monument and tower are just
      a few meters from Poland, like 30 meters, so we did. Now I
      can say I was in Poland! I also have the pictures to prove

      it.<br/><br/>The trip back included a stop in
      Vysny Komarnik just south of Dukla at an old Rusyn wooden
      church. I've never seen one. I only took pictures from
      the road.<br/><br/>We stopped at Svitnik for
      another war memorial. The plaques were written in Czech and
      Russian.<br/><br/> I highly recommend a trip to
      Dukla with stops along the way.<br/><br/>Cathie
      McAdams.<br/><br/><br/>Sent from Yahoo!
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