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Re: [Slovak-World] Slovakia Today - Times are a Changing!

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  • Nemam Meno
    and you forgot to mention that Slovakia is adopting all ill-motivated, financial manipulative games copied from the U.S.  While you see more nicer things
    Message 1 of 137 , Aug 28, 2012
      and you forgot to mention that Slovakia is adopting all ill-motivated, financial manipulative games copied from the U.S.  While you see more "nicer" things around, the gap between a realistic life and the one that can be obtained through lies and deception is widening.  In addition, those who held lucrative, political positions before 1989 are the ones that again benefit from those who had worked hard in the last 23 years.  The judicial branch of government is politically controlled and only creditors seem to benefit from judicial codex that has taken the concept of fairness into the levels that have nothing to do with morality, ethics, and decency. Other  branches have never achieved and embraced the concept of democracy; perhaps the kind of democracy that you see in the U.S. - theoretical wording with the fact that over a half of the population has no business in electing the elected.

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      What's the latest in Slovakia? - another incredibly hot summer - seemed liked it was 90 to 100 every day but not humid and the breezes blew. The nights were blessedly cool and all those beautiful sunny, blue sky days were really heaven for sightseeing.

      The apple trees were hanging heavy with fruit when I left a few days ago - great apricot season earlier!

      For some reason the bears are coming out of the woods and down into Liptov villages - there are pix of them strolling along.

      Things look more prosperous in Slovakia than ever - where did all the old Skodas go? - Bratislava is full of shiny, classy brand new autos - BMWs, Mercedes etc. and for the first time i noticed a lot of joy-riders in top down sports cars. So many new homes are going up. The new thing is decorative wrought iron gates and high walls - some of the homes resemble palaces.

      The new thing to do on a sunny afternoon is to lounge on the Danube banks outside the new Eurovea shopping mall in Bratislava - a new Sheraton Hotel is there too - there are flowers and trees, lots of green grass and so many people enjoying the breezes off the river over a cool drink or ice cream as they sun aand watch the ships go by.It's delightful!

      A statue of General Stefanik graces the area as well as the huge Lion that used to be outside the national museum. The new theatre is nearby too.

      If you are in Bratislava - a magnificent exhibit at the national museum- showcases the photos of famed Pavol Sochan who documented the life of village people decades ago; another floor has over a dozen large rooms filled with paintings of Slovak people in folk dress - all the greats are there - Benka, Fulla, Augusta, Hala, Weiner-Kral etc. Maybe 100 stellar paintings - it was thrill to see the originals. If you are nearby - don't miss it! There are also a dozen examples of folk dress from various regions.

      People were complaining about rising food prices (in places beer and wine were cheaper than bottled water) and the latest buzz words are wellness and stress.

      Hate to say that Babicky (kerchiefed grandmas) have become few and far between - they used to fill the village lanes - now rare to see one or two - we did spot a 91 year old woman wearing full folk dress in Soporna in western Slovakia. and others on the dusty lanes of villages tucked in the mountains in Spis - Krompachy, Margecany, Zakarovce and Kojsov - spent lovely days there learning about life long ago. Things move a lot slower in these remote villages - some with roads that seem to lead up to heaven. The cows still come home to their gates and sheep and turkeys can be seen foraging in home courtyards. And here people still have time to talk about the old days and the old ways.


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    • Julie Michutka
      Looks wicked cool! ~ Julie Michutka
      Message 137 of 137 , Sep 5, 2012
        Looks wicked cool!

        ~ Julie Michutka

        On Sep 5, 2012, at 9:53 PM, Ben Sorensen wrote:

        > Hey y'all. :-)
        > So, in searching for a good dictionary, I stumbled on something that may be interesting to our linguists and librarians!
        > http://ksana-k.narod2.ru/dict/ss/ss1.html#a
        > Enjoy-- I hope it stays online for a while.
        > Ben
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