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Re: [Slovak-World] International Wire Transfer

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  • William C. Wormuth
    Vladi, You have taken another step to Heaven.  Vilo ________________________________ From: Vladimir Linder To:
    Message 1 of 4 , May 11, 2012

      You have taken another step to Heaven. 


      From: Vladimir Linder <vlinder49@...>
      To: Slovak-World@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Friday, May 11, 2012 10:21 AM
      Subject: Re: [Slovak-World] International Wire Transfer

      You should have asked me I could have save you
      all the money for all the transfers as I do have
      an account in SLOVAKIA in Euro currency and you
      would have send a cheque in US$ to me in Canada.
      No problem at all. International money transfers
      are expensive. In Canada everything goes through
      Royal Bank, it doesn't matter which bank you deal
      with. For money coming to Canada I pay 15.00 $ transfer fee to the bank here.

      Slovak BANKS are a RIP OFF and they charge for
      even you depositing money into your own account,
      simply for everything and the charges are astronomical.

      You will be Happy in Modra-Harmonia and You will learn Slovak.


      At 07:13 AM 5/11/2012, you wrote:
      >Is anyone experienced with transferring money to Slovakia?
      >My daughter and I are taking a 3 week Language
      >Study program in Modra-Harmonia in July.
      >I thought I'd take advantage of the 10% discount by paying prior to April 30.
      >After the transaction went through, the final payment came thru 44€ short.
      >I had paid a fee at my bank to have the money
      >transferred in Euros, so I was confused by this difference.
      >After some investigation on the University's
      >part, I was told that the Slovak Bank charged a 12€ fee for the deposit.
      >After a discussion with someone at my bank in
      >the US., I was told that when the transfer was
      >made,in addition to the fee collected from my
      >account, there was a 12€ charge from the bank's
      >affiliate in Spain, (I have a Sovereign bank
      >account that is a subsidiary of Santander, whose headquarters is in Spain.)
      >Personally, I think that the University, who
      >only accepts wire transfers, should have
      >informed me of their 12€ fee, and that the woman
      >at my bank should have known about the 12 € from
      >her own bank when we went through the paperwork.
      >(which by the way doesn't mention any of these fees in the details.)
      >But, I am still left without €20. My bank wants
      >to blame it on the Slovak bank, simply because
      >they do not do transactions with Slovakia.
      >as an explanation, the University Contact sent
      >this in reference to the extra charges:
      >Our economic department verified the situation
      >regarding your payment. We were informed from
      >the bank " Statna pokladnica" , that the
      >difference 44,-€ is transfer fee of the bank
      >that shared on this transaction: 12,- € and 32,-
      >€, all together 44,- €. This transfer was made
      >via TARGET2 system, which is charging payment in
      >real time on the RTGS principle.
      >In an earlier e-mail,, she told me that the
      >Slovak Bank charge €12. I have determined that
      >part of it is from my own bank (€12.), but I am at a loss about the extra 20€.
      >Has anyone else had the experience of transferring money to Slovakia?
      >I am grateful that the University will accept
      >the €44 when we arrive, because if I had to wire
      >the money, I would have to pay $31.00 to my bank
      >plus €12 to my bank, plus €12 to the slovak bank
      >plus whatever amount for the TARGET2 system,
      >which be more in fees than the actual money being sent.
      >Does anyone else out there think that this is a bit crazy?
      >Good thing i went with the 10% discount because
      >I'm pretty much back to the full cost of the
      >program, but at least I'm not paying extra!

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