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      Best class you can be in!!!  You will never forget it   Edie


      Hi Dennis,

      I'm in Morgantown and am now enrolled in Martin Votruba's beginning Slovak class at Pitt. I am going to try to learn as much as I can which is what I should have done when I was younger and my Grandfather would try to teach me. But I suppose my question was how much I need to learn in order to get around, especially when away from Bratislava where there seem to be more English speakers. I prefer to learn and speak slovak while there but by brain has become quite small.

      I would certainly be interested in the cooking class. My dad is still in New Stanton and I visit often.

      the skype class in interesting although my computer is currently not equipped. How do I keep informed of the cooking and skype class info?

      Many thanks,

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      > John -- not sure if you mentioned where you are located, but there are a number of Slovak language learning possibilities in the Pittsburgh area. By far the best, in my opinion, are the courses taught at the University of Pittsburgh.
      > There is also a class usually taught by Bozena Fox in the area that's sponsored by the Western Pennsylvania Slovak Cultural Association. In the outlying areas of Indiana and Johnstown, I teach a basic Slovak language course. I also teach a halusky (potato, not noodle) cooking class at Westmoreland County Community College near Greensburg, PA. An idea I'm toying with is to develop an on-line one-on-one language course that would be done offer Skype or a similar program. There has been interest shown by several people in the idea so far.
      > Dennis
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      > > John  We have taken several classes. I do not speak the language but I know the basics. I actually taught English for 3 weeks to adults at a business in Zilina. So many young people know English that it is no problem when we are there. Ed has a better grip of speaking than I do most of the time. There are so many regions and the dialects are very different. As I said I know words but not sentences for conversation. Edie

      > > Edie and Ed,
      > >
      > > I am curious, did you know or have you studied Slovak? I've traveled for business a lot and always tried to learn the languages. Well, at least enough to get by. I'm hoping to learn enough so we can get by on our own.
      > >
      > > John
      > >
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      > > > Thank you for sharing. Every trip to Slovakia is magic. We too have many relatives and have visited all across Slovakia We started in 1995 have been there 7 times the latest was august this year. We love it Edie and Ed
      > > >
      > > > I really like the bryndza halusky and I use Isrealy feta from Trader Joe's, but in November at Pitt Slovak Festival I hope to get the real thing again. I hope the guy is there because he sells the real cheese and many others only from Slovakia

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      > > > I'm not too big on joining social networks but this is one I should have found before now. My wife and I visited Slovakia in July as part of a group tour. It was 2 weeks, started in Bratislava and did a nice clockwise loop around the country. We didn't know when we signed up that it was possible to leave the group, get a guide and look for relatives. So, very late in the process we figured to give it a try. I dug up as much information as I could find in 2 days before leaving. It wasn't much but with that plus my childhood memories of conversations with my grandparents it was the best we could do.
      > > >
      > > > From Levoc~a we went with Tony to Spis~sky Hurs~ov. We took a lot of cemetery pictures. Then we went off to City Hall (mestsky urad) to register as foreigners looking for relatives. He told the first person he found he had Americans with the name Sofranko looking for relatives. It turns out she is the Mayor and she is my 3rd cousin. What a lucky find. But I guess it might not be as lucky as it seems with so many of us in that cemetery.
      > > >
      > > > There is too much to tell now but Elena's brother-in-law also knew some of my Uhrin relatives in the neighboring village Bystrany.
      > > >
      > > > This was all very exciting to us as all we had were some old pictures, a few documents and memories. I now have to study for my Slovak class so we are better prepared for the next visit. BTW, the bryndzove halus~ky was heavenly!!

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