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RE: [Slovak-World] Traveling in Slovakia

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  • igiles
    Julia, hi! It s good to hear from you. Every once in a while I come across Liz s picture in which she is dressed in Anna s appliqued leather vest and beaded
    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 8, 2011
      Julia, hi! It's good to hear from you. Every once in a while I come across
      Liz's picture in which she is dressed in Anna's appliqued leather vest and
      beaded cepec. She looks very much a princess.

      I smiled when I read your last sentence about my not pursuing needleart
      studies as a hobby. More and more I have been thinking that Slovakia's
      needleartists are, indeed, artists. When we evaluate "fine" art we look at
      composition and elements such as color, design, creativity/inspiration and
      technique. These are the same variables I use when I look at a Piestany
      blouse or a Trencin or Cicmany apron. We're looking at color harmony, motifs
      and their use in the embroidered design. And of course, we look at the
      quality of the embroiderer's technique. Artists use canvas, clay or marble.
      Slovakia's embroiderers (needle artists) used linen or flax ground.

      I see each embroidered textile as an artistic expression of the
      embroiderer's imagination and skill. You're right! I take my embroidery
      studies VERY seriously. <smile> Hope to travel with you again someday. All
      the best - Inez

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      Inez, Thanks for the update on your travels in Slovakia in visiting museums
      and village homes. I appreciate the Slovak words you are including such as
      vzory, rad, etc. I have fond memories of last summer of you and my daughter
      studying tambour work in a house in Hrochot. I'd like to visit the museums
      in Turnava and Skalica some day. It's great that you appreciate the beauty
      of Slovak embroidery, textiles and artifacts, and are making it more than
      just a hobby. Julia M.

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