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  • William C. Wormuth
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    Message 1 of 6 , Aug 5, 2011
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      Subject: Hody

      With all of the announcements for Slovak celebrations, I thought I would like to give you one from my Beloved Mestec~ko, Kúty.

      The word Hody , [Hoh-dee], means, (literally), Feast.  In this respect it is a "Feast", celebrating the Consecration of our  Svätého Jozefa Pestúnaoman Catholic Church (St. Joseph, Foster Father of Jesus) Built between 1717 to 1726.  This Hody begins on the weekend closest to the Feast of Our Lady of Snows.  Like our Thanksgiving, Families travel from near and far to celebrate together.  Notice that the Traditional bands are from nearby Moravian Towns.

      In towns where there are Lutheran Churches, the Hody is not celebrated but is replaces by

      "Jarmok", [Jahrr-mohk], Market Day
      or Day's.

      Historically, the feast began on Sunday morning, with Mass an then to a reserved area, where there were carnival rides, Balloons, etc.  Additionally, a brass band toured the town, playing and singing.

      In front of the City Building 

      Now the "modern schedule is:8/06/2011 (Saturday) - 20:00 - brass band LANŽHOTČANKA - free entry
      of refreshments to cater firefighters.

      On the football stadium

      08/07/2011 (Sunday) - 21:00 - brass band LEGRÚTI - entry € 2.50
      08.08.2011 (Monday) - 21:00 - ESSO Music - Entrance € 2

      U Cugu, Restaurant/Disco

      05.08.2011 (Friday) - 22:00 - DISCO FOR YOU (DJ Balin) - entry € 2
      06/08/2011 (Saturday) - 22:00 - VIDEO OLDIES PARTY (DJ Marosh) - entry € 2
      07/08/2011 ( Sunday) - 22:00 - Dance Party (DJ George Benada), a live band in the courtyard YAMAHA DUO - admission € 2

      U Ferú (Bar)

      5.8.2011 (piatok) – 18:00 – OLDIES DISCO (DJ Feki) – vstup dobrovoľný
      7.8.2011 (nedeľa) – 17:00 – STAROBŘECLAVSKÁ CIMBÁLOVÁ MUZIKA – vstup 2€

      Even Hody has gone modern

      I feel sad because I am so far away from those Slovak Celebrations here and equally,to miss the joy of Kúcké Hody.

      God Bless them all and All of You,


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