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Re: [Slovak-World] Faith Pride

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  • LongJohn Wayne
    Diana:   While certainly not more beautiful [since that is subjective], my favorite candidate w/b the Cathedral of St Elizabeth.  It is behind me about 1/4
    Message 1 of 2 , May 1, 2011
      While certainly not more beautiful [since that is subjective], my favorite candidate w/b the Cathedral of St Elizabeth.  It is behind me about 1/4 mile right now as I type.
      The windows of St Elizabeth are seen @ the end of the Slovakia travelogue sent previously, but posted here again so you don't have to search:
      [Select new video about Slovakia]
      But I think some that are far more intimate are the smaller wooden churches that have been mentioned here before.
      How do you define ''beauty?"'
      I have not been to Hungary, but Vienna would give Westminster Abbey a run for the money as far as majestic goes.
      [Currently in Kosice watching Bratislava game on big screen downtown]
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      I am in awe of the Royal Wedding. The pomp, the circumstamce & what belief in each other and faith in a "God" can accomplish for a culture.
      Without faith, no cultures would have a past to take pride in. For one, it is the church who has preserved cultures. Even today, it is a great church & faith who provide researches with the most complete historical accounting of mankind. Although the Purists escaped religious tyranny by coming to the US. The more things changed, the more they stayed the same, in that the church was the keeper of the new cultures, all from other prideful cultures.
      That said, I am further in awe of Westminster Abbey. How magnificent. How far will man go to build a glorious church to worship in. Some may defame religions, like the Catholic faith for appearing to have icons, but that is the price any religion pays when they build a great building for their God.
      And I confess to a huge feeling that a grievous wrong done Lady Diana (who was named after me;). Will never forget the men she left behind who solemnly walked behind her casket as the world mourned her untimely loss. In the royal wedding, you see Diana's trusting innocence in William. I hope he is a good man, she is a good woman & they really do live happily ever after.
      While the royals may be superfluous or "parasitic" to the United Kingdom, there can be no denying that cultural pride that has its roots in belief & faith over centuries is a gleaming necklace of gold, silver & myhrr encircling their culture & faith pride as a celebration.
      All that said, I find myself very curious about other "great" places of worship. As a researcher I understand European cultural & faith pride, more so Slovakian, Czech & Hungarian. Can someone share their knowledge of churches in these 3 countries, who would be considered by some to be even more beautiful than Westminster Abbey? dlb

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