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Re: [Slovak-World] Re: Slovak Piano: Pay

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  • Julie Michutka
    A belated d akujem for the clarification, Martin. Julie Michutka
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 26, 2011
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      A belated "d'akujem" for the clarification, Martin.

      Julie Michutka

      On Apr 23, 2011, at 12:52 PM, votrubam wrote:

      >> there are some who are not going to be part of the Piano
      >> project, and access to their content will therefore not be behind a
      >> paywall?
      > Yes, the two tabloid newspapers, C~as and Plus jeden den~, are not
      > joining, nor are most magazines and broadcast media websites. The
      > news reports and some other sections will remain free (which exactly
      > is up to each publisher) at the Piano-participating sites too. One,
      > for instance, is going to allow only paying readers to post comments
      > on articles while anyone will be able to read them.
      > The novelty of Slovakia's Piano project is not the partial paywall,
      > but the fact that a single payment provides access to the websites
      > of several independent publishers, two of whom are, moreover, in
      > head-to-head competition for readers (Pravda and Sme).
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