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Re: Rusyn Decorative Eggs

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  • Maureen Pulignano
    Message 1 of 7 , Apr 26, 2011
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      Posted by: "billski"
      smitko2@... <http://profiles.yahoo.com/smitko2> smitko2

      Mon Apr 25, 2011 12:55 pm (PDT)

      Has anyone studied the various styles of egg decoration in Slovakia,
      especially Eastern Slovakia? I have received many eggs from friends and
      acquaintances in the east and they have a very different, very unique style.
      From what I can tell, the various art forms are very regional. Has anyone
      studied this? I can get some pictures posted if anyone is interested.

      I began making pysanky in the late 1980s. A few examples of my work are
      posted at www.pbase.com/mpulignano/pysanky

      I have also received eggs from family both in Eastern Slovakia and
      Transcarpathian Ukraine. Perhaps mistakenly, I have attributed the
      differences I find in them to differences of religious traditions. My family
      in Slovakia is Roman Catholic, while my Rusyn family in/around Uzhhorod is
      Greek Catholic. Both groups have begun to use different techniques – one egg
      I have from Dlhe nad Cirochou is dyed bright red and decorated with
      appliqués of bits of straw and one from Uzhhorod is blue, covered with
      various colors of sewing thread. But, in the two traditions, the biggest
      difference I see in the dyed eggs is that my Slovaks do not use black dye
      and it is very much a part of the Rusyn tradition. (As I understand the
      symbolism of the colors, black represents “Remembrance” – not mourning.) You
      can see from my eggs I was first and most strongly influenced by the Rusyn


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